16 Makeup Essentials Every Girl Needs to Know

top 16 makeup essentials every girl needs to know

Top 16 Makeup Essentials Every Girl Needs to Know!

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Makeup Tutorials

Okay, so maybe you can’t got to cosmetology school to be trained as a professional makeup artist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have flawless foundation, wicked winged liner, and a perfect pout! Makeup tutorials are probably the best thing on the internet known to woman. New beauty bloggers immerse everyday, and makeup tutorial channels are only growing in popularity. With amazing artists like the fabulous Kandee Johnson out there, any girl can be trained by the pros in her own room. Thank you, Youtube!


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 Makeup Tips

Makeup tips and tricks can be lifesavers in a pinch! Never underestimate the power of one small helpful hint from a beauty guru, because it could be the one small change that transforms your entire look! Maybe it’s learning how to use a pointed q-tip to remove mascara mishaps, or to try swapping your foundation brush for a beauty blender for a more skin like texture. Whatever it is, always look for those small pieces of advice from experts, bloggers, and even your friends! You never know which makeup tip might turn out to be a life saver. :)



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 Natural Makeup

If there is one look that I think every girl should master, it’s the natural makeup look. Pretty, sophisticated, and subtle, natural makeup will give you that feeling of empowerment that wearing makeup can provide, but with a more coy, allusive appearance. I’m all about letting your natural beauty shine through, and mastering that natural makeup application can help you project that cool and confident poise to the world. You are beautiful!



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Organic Makeup

It’s so important to take care of our bodies, and believe it or not, that goes for what we put on our skin as well!! Many of you may be hearing about (or even eating) organic foods, especially meats and fresh produce, and how they are considered to be less harmful to the body than foods harvested from places that use pesticides or harsh chemicals. Take that same logic and apply it to your skin. Everything you apply onto your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, which means being careful about the products we us is essential! Now obviously I’m not suggesting you go and throw out everything from your last Ulta haul (the horrors!) but just be open to maybe trying one new organic product! Especially one applied direction onto the are skin like a primer. You might be surprised at what you find.



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Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup can also be a great option for a more natural makeup solution. Often times they are made from natural materials, so they will not be too harsh for sensitive skin and can be healthier for the skin and body as well. Mineral makeup can also help you achieve that perfectly matt finish, and can be great for holding makeup in place all day! Dusting a pearly mineral shadow across cheekbones, nose bridge, and inner corners of the eyes is one of my favorite ways to highlight. Mineral makeup is great for humid climates, because it is less likely to run or smear when you sweat. Good for you and budge-proof? Yay mineral makeup!!



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Eye Makeup

Eye makeup can be as simple as a swipe of mascara and a single shade shadow, or as complex as a liquid liner cat eye or perfectly blended smokey eye. At any level, eye makeup is a definite must for any look, and it’s a great way to have fun and express yourself! Since there are infinite possibilities with eye makeup, it’s a time to be creative and play with looks until you find what suits you best. The next day? Try a whole new look! The eyes are the windows to the soul, so give yours a pretty frame that really makes them pop!



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This is a broad one, but knowing your makeup is a must. Are you a beauty beginner? Start small by learning what goes where, what looks you wish to achieve, and what you need to purchase to get you there. Try not to become overwhelmed with all of the options! There is so much makeup out there that you could drown in the possibilities before you’re ever even able to try any of them out. Take a deep breath, watch some Kandee Johnson videos, and take it one tip at a time!



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Makeup Forever

Ahhh what girl doesn’t swoon when she passes one of these glorious stores?? Whether you have an actual location near you, swing by the JC Penny Makeup Forever counter, or just surf their products online, we all know that your wallet jumps out of your purse at every visit! With satiny smooth application and intense color payoff, this is definitely one of my favorite brands. Spot their buildable eye shadows and magnetic blush pallets in Kandee’s videos! Why? Because they’re awesome, that’s why. 😉



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Mac Makeup

How could we exclude Mac Makeup from this list?? It has excellent color payoff and blendability, and can I just say their lip products are on FLEEK! In real life, Kandee is almost always sporting Soar from Mac. It’s the sweetest color ever! My all time favorite natural contouring shadow is from Mac as well, and I couldn’t live without their Paint Pots to prime my lids!!



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How to Apply Makeup

The makeup question to end all questions: how DO you apply makeup!?? Basic makeup application requires a few essential tools, such as the right brushes, good quality concealers, and a bit of patience! For a 5 minute face, apply a BB cream with clean fingers, dab concealer under the eyes and around nose (or on any extra redness or blemishes) and blend away with ring fingers. Dust on a nude or light brown shadow all over lids, focusing on the outer third, and you can even take this lightly alongside nose bridge and in the hollows of your cheeks. Swipe on a couple coats of mascara and you’re out the door!



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 Makeup Brushes

For ultimate makeup application, you need a good set of brushes. A mechanic can’t fix a car without his toolbox, and an artist can’t sculpt or paint without her utensils! Makeup brushes can be a game changer when it comes to how professional your look turns out. Though other tools can be handy to have in your kit as well, like perhaps the all-powerful beauty blender, for instance, you really can’t replace a well-crafted brush for achieving that fiercely flawless look you’re going for.



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Best Makeup Brushes

SOS! There are sooo many brushes out there to choose from!! If your head is spinning with the options, you need to know how to narrow it down to the best makeup brushes that every girl should have in her kit. A good angled eyeliner brush is a MUST-have!! It can double up as a brow filling brush in a pinch, and it’s the only way to get that perfectly weighted line without using liquid. It’s also great for topping gel, pencil, or liquid lines with powder so they don’t smudge and budge. You’ll also need a good contour brush, a fluffy shadow brush, and of course a big soft all-over brush or kabuki brush for finishing powder! One of my favorite brush brands is from It cosmetics, because they’re so soft and fluffy that it feels like I’m tickling my face when I apply my makeup. Weird? Maybe. But you try indulging in a high-end, super fluffy brush and tell me it doesn’t make you feel glamorous!



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Makeup Bags

And where will you stash all of your fluffy brushes and makeup must-haves?? In your organized makeup bag, of course! If your makeup bag is a mess, un-compartmentalized, or even nonexistent, your makeup and brushes could be damaged, broken, frayed, or contaminated with acne-causing germs. Yuck! Find a makeup bag that fits your needs for space, organization, and shows a little flare of your personality! If your makeup bag is cute, your makeup will turn out cuter. Right?



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 Contour Makeup

Contouring has become SUCH a trend lately, but it doesn’t have to be extreme to get the visual benefits of contour makeup!! You can emphasize cheekbones and jawline, add depth to the eyes, and even change your face shape. It’s all about tricks of the light on your face! With contouring, your face becomes a sculpture in your hands. Chisel away!



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Best Drugstore Makeup

You can’t always buy the top brands for EVERY product, and sometimes it’s smart to buy cheaper versions of your favorite fancy items at the drugstore! Some of the best drugstore makeup products include mascara, lip gloss, lip liners, brow pencils, and basically anything with a short shelf life. Another example could be a new, edgy product that you’re not sure you’ll love wearing again and again, like day a crazy eye shadow color or a set of false lashes. If you hate it, you didn’t waste too much money on a luxury brand product. Choose your expensive products wisely, and be smart with your cash! That way, when you do splurge at Sephora, you’ll feel good about your purchase. Bye bye, buyer’s remorse!



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Eyebrow Makeup

Let’s talk about BROWS!!! Girls everywhere are becoming more and more brow-obsessed, and everyone wants those perfect arches. Eyebrows frame the face, and the shape of your brows plays a huge part in how you are perceived. Going for an older, more sophisticated look? Try a skinnier brow with a higher arch. Want a youthful glow? Thicker, straighter brows are for you! You can use gels, powders, wax, pencils, and even liquids to achieve your favorite eyebrow look. Whatever you choose, using the right eyebrow makeup will ensure that your eyebrows are on fleek. 😉

And there you have it! With these 16 makeup essentials in your repertoire, you’ll never be caught off guard. Have fun, beauties!!



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