1920s Flapper Makeup Tutorial

1920s Flapper Makeup Tutorial

1920s flapper makeup tutorialLooking for a 1920s Flapper Makeup Tutorial?? Whether you’re wanting to dress up as a flapper girl for halloween or you just can’t get enough of vintage 20s inspired fashion, this 1920s flapper makeup tutorial will have you feeling glam and looking like a fun-loving, trendy twenties girl for any occasion!

1920s Flapper Makeup Tutorial Step One: Prep the Face!

First off, prep your face by cleansing, toning the face, and applying your serums and moisturizers! Choose a moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling soft and supple, so that your makeup will be able to go on smoothly and cling to your skin. Dry skin can be flaky and cause your makeup to appear patchy! Once your face is ready for makeup, begin by applying a primer. A primer will seal in your skincare products, as well as provide a nice base for your foundation to hold to. Primer will be one of your tools you will need to keep your makeup locked in tight for a night of partying and swing dancing, just like a flapper!

1920s Flapper Makeup Tutorial Step Two: Apply Foundation!

Next, take your favorite foundation brush, sponge, or other applicator, and load it up with a water resistant foundation. You will want to sweat-proof this look as much as possible, because you will most likely be wearing it to a party, a night out, or even a dance. You don’t want your 1920s flapper makeup tutorial look to get all smudgy during the night! The good thing is, flappers were known for reapplying and touching up their makeup in public as a part of their rebellious persona, so you can feel free to bring along your makeup essentials to touch up as the night wears on! Once your foundation is evenly applied across your entire face and neck, set it with a loose translucent powder. Now you are ready to move onto the eyes!

1920s Flapper Makeup Tutorial Step Three: Eyes!!

Now it’s time to have some fun! Creating the perfect flapper girl eye look is all about simple glamour. Start off by contouring the natural shape of the eyes with a light taupe shadow to intensify the hollows. Next, take a dark brown, charcoal, or matte black eye shadow and go back over the hollows of the eye, focusing the color on the outer third, then sweeping a thin line just above the ball of the eye, leaving the center of the lid blank, then tracing it in toward the inner corner. Next, blend, blend, blend! You want your eyes to appear sexy and hazy, not too harsh or overly dramatic. Apply a lighter color on the center of the lids to lighten up the look and give your eyes more dimension. Now, take your favorite creamy black eyeliner, and apply it thinly around the entire eye, tracing the waterline and tight-lining against your lashes. Take a smudger, and smudge the line until the edge disappears into your shadows, creating a blurred effect. Now, fill in those brows! Keep the brows thin and defined. Flappers loved to wear an extremely thin, drawn on brow! Curl your lashes and apply generous coats of mascara. Voila, your eyes are done! Aren’t you just the bee’s knees? 😉

1920s Flapper Makeup Tutorial Step Four: Lips!

Lips are the very last thing! Take a deep red lip liner, and apply it around your lips, focusing on tracing your cupid’s bow so that it is emphasized a bit more sharply than usual. Trace a fuller lower lip if you desire, but keep the upper lip small and delicate by tracing either your actual lip’s edge or just inside it. The mouth should look dainty and cute, and not too voluptuous for your 1920s flapper makeup tutorial look. Next, take your favorite deep red lip shade, and apply it to your lips. The color should be classically red, and the finish should be matte. Don’t forget to pack your lipstick in your clutch for reapplication!

Now your look is finished! Get out there and be as confident as a daring 20s flapper girl, and work that glam with some attitude, girl! Flappers were all about being rebellious and having fun, so enjoy this look and the sass that comes with it.

Have fun playing up your features, beauties!



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