1920s Flapper Makeup

1920s Flapper Makeup

1920s flapper makeupMany of you guys have requested a 1920s flapper makeup look (Way different from 80s makeup), and voila, we have one from Kandee! She has made a wonderful tutorial to help you achieve your best look! We have included a list of everything you will need so that you can be prepared to get made up with Kandee!

But first, here’s a little fascinating history of Flapper fashion to help you with the rest of your outfit!

  • 1920s makeup was an extension of the rebellious spirit of the modern young ladies of the “Roaring Twenties.”

  • If she were truly high Flapper fashion, her hair was cut short and sleekly styled, and she wore makeup, and applied it in public places, just to seem more reckless. Her chest would be flat as a board and her arms would be bare. Her shorter than average shapeless dress would always be accessorized with a long cigarette holder, embodying the wild spirit of the new, modern woman.

  • The simple lines of the Flapper dress brought high fashion to the masses, since women were able to make these simpler dresses at home. High fashion had belonged only to the rich before the twenties. Fashion was available now to everyone, and the young ladies of the Jazz Age took great advantage of that fact. Good for them! Although the wealthy ladies of society still kept some margin between the classes in evening wear, staying with their beautiful, more complicated silk gowns, the masses took to sophisticated gatherings in their much cheaper, yet awesome, high fashion flapper dresses. The lines of society became blurred.

  • A slender, flat –chested, boyish body became all the rage.

  • Women began getting fitter and healthier in order to possess this more masculine form. Bras were designed to flatten the chest, all in the effort to appear more boyish. Long stretchy corsets worn beneath the dresses helped to produce the desired effect.

  • A youthful body was a must to pull off the bare arms of flapper fashion, the nude stockinged legs and ankles, now in plain view. A youthful face was required to handle the heavy-handed 1920s Flapper makeup.

  • Two inch-heeled Mary Janes with ankle straps were all the rage during the twenties, since they were both fashionable and easy for dancing the night away. Which was the whole point!

  • Deep red lips were the trademark of 1920s Flapper makeup style. Cheeks were barely blushed. Eyebrows were thin and defined. Instead of discreetly slipping to the restroom to powder one’s nose, makeup was openly applied in public as a part of this fashion statement.

  • The hem length varied, from mid calf to just above the knee, but the dresses were always baggy, just skimming the boyish figure of the time.


Cool, huh? Ok, here is the promised list of 1920s Flapper makeup supplies.


A very heavy, pancake foundation




Black eyeliner


Dark greys, or dark greens, or dark blues for your eye shadow colors

Various levels of that color, from light to dark

Black eyeshadow



Dark brown eyeshadow


Very heavy black mascara

False eyelashes


Pink cream blush or lipstick


Dark burgandy red matte lip pencil

Dark red but almost blackish lipstick.

Matte bright red lipstick.




Ok, my modern babes! There you have it, from the high fashion makeup to the wig, to the 1920s modern girl persona! As always, you can thank Kandee by subscribing to her Youtube channel so that she can keep making these amazing videos!

Have fun with this wild and crazy look! Top it all off with your favorite 20s-style bob wig, which you can find at any costume shop. Pair it with your favorite flapper dress, which can also be found in costume shops, or you can buy your very own new one online. They are easy to find and come in every price range. Add some sexy nylons and Mary Janes so you can dance the night away!

Put on your fun modern flapper girl persona and go out and rock this awesome 1920s Flapper makeup look! Be safe, be smart, be amazing!


Happy beautiful life!!



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