1920s Makeup

1920s Makeup

1920s makeupThis 1920s makeup tutorial will have you dancing the Charleston in this Gatsby-inspired Prom Makeup Tutorial from Kandee! It’s such a beautiful, sweet and romantic look, you could wear it everyday, not just for prom!

Since this 1920s makeup look is for prom, Kandee didn’t want to do anything too vampy, so she chose to go with a softer, sweeter version. This beautiful version has just hints of the 20s, with smokey eyes, flawless skin, sweet pink cheeks, and perfectly defined, rosy pink lips. The brows have beautiful definition with the thinness of the 20s. Perfect for your magical prom night.

Any dress you choose will go well with this pretty face, but it might be fun to go for a 1920s inspired softly flowing ivory or dusty pink gown. You will look so soft and romantically beautiful, which is perfect for that sweet time of your life. You can find gorgeous dresses, in any price range. I just googled 1920s prom dress styles, and found many that I would love. Since you are going for a specialty look, that might be the easiest way to go.

When choosing your dress, remember that you will be dancing and actively celebrating with your friends, so be sure to do a test drive to be certain that you don’t have any modesty malfunctions. It’s no fun to have to constantly pull and tug on your clothing of choice, so when you try on that dress, bust some moves and see if it can keep up with you!

Your feet will also be very busy on that special evening, so buy some that are not only a beautiful complement to your dress, but also kind to your feet. If they already hurt the moment you try them on, keep looking. Once you find a pair that you love and that feel good at the store, buy them and take them home. Wear them around the house, on clean carted surfaces, to see if they are still comfortable. Once you decide to keep them, were them around the house often so that they become softer and “broken-in,” formed and shaped to fit your foot. If your feet hurt, you won’t have as much fun. Be good to them and they will be good to you.

To finish this 1920s flapper makeup look, you will want to have the right accessories. Since this is a soft, almost bridal look, you might want to opt for a soft 1920s headband, like the one the video. It gives the flapper look without the harshness that can sometimes accompany that era. Some pretty pearls could top off the ensemble, and you will be a completely beautiful vision. You will be set to dance the night away and your effortlessly beautiful look will stay fresh and gorgeous!

Let’s watch this 1920s makeup tutorial with Kandee! First, let me tell you what you will need to create this beautiful look on your own!


Your best color to even out your skin tone.

Highlighting concealer

A pretty light color to do just a litte highlighting.


A nice translucent powder for setting everything.


A pretty pink cream blush.

A matte bronzer.


A nude biege color

A matte warm grey color

A black color

A light silver blue shadow

A dark blue-grey shadow

A light peachy nude color

A light peach shimmery color


A black eyeliner


an eyeshadow about two shades lighter than your hair




black mascara

false eyelashes


a very pretty rose pink lip liner

light pink powder blush


Ok! That’s all you will need! Have fun creating your beautiful 1920s makeup look with Kandee! You can thank her by watching this 1920s makeup tutorial, and then subscribing to her YouTube channel!

There you go! Now go have the time of your life! Be safe! Be smart! Be sweet!

Happy beautiful life!


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