Ab Exercise Machine

Ab Exercise Machine

ab exercise machineHey beastie beauty babes! Hitting the gym for that hard-core ab workout? You can do it! Put on that beast mode attitude, pop in your earbuds, turn on your tunes, and get it! Whether you pack that six pack in plain view, or under a little womanly softness, it’s not necessarily weight loss, but the strength of your core that matters the most.

Your core is the powerhouse of your entire body. It contains all of your organs, and keeps your nervous system safe and strong. Every major organ, such as your heart, stomach, liver, spleen, lungs, and digestive system (as well as your major veins and arteries) are in need of a strong and protective core. It can keep these vital areas from damage in case of an impact.

Your spinal cord houses your nervous system. Any tweaks or twists that become chronic can definitely interfere with a happy nervous system. Keeping a strong core can help with posture and balance in the body. Allowing the spine to remain long and in proper alignment provides you with great posture. If you will practice keeping your posture nice and tall, while relaxing instead of tightening your muscles, you will experience better blood flow. This will bring oxygen and healing to your body, making you feel stronger and healthier. Your spine is involved in your movements, nervous system, and posture. Simply put, your overall health depends on a nice strong spine. Maintaining a strong core helps you breathe and creates stability in your balance and core strength, and helps protect that spine. There are great ways to work these muscles, including ab exercise machines.

If you are experiencing back pain, it may be because your back muscles are stronger than your core muscles. Your body needs to be in balance to function at its best, so there’s another great reason to work those abs! No one has time for back pain! There’s one more problem created by a weak core and back pain: as you give in to the pain, other muscles have to compensate, creating a domino effect that can cause pain and imbalances in other parts of your body.

You can crunch away and can gain strength, but if you really want to amp up that abdominal workout and see major results, try incorporating a focused ab workout every week, using some ab exercise machines. These will take your workout to a higher level, with much more bang for your buck. You will feel the difference in difficulty, but the payoff make it worth it. Beast mode!

I have changed my routine to the the following workout, and I’ve seen great results. I am quickly building strength and power, which is why I work out in the first place! I want to feel strong and able to anything I want to do. The following ab exercise machines have really begun to help me gains in power, as well as help me feel more confident for our upcoming trip to the beach. 😉


Ok you guys. I will admit that I hate this one, but it has challenged me more than any other core  routine I’ve ever done. It works best for me to start my routine with this machine, because it’s super hard for me. If I save it for later in my workout, I don’t have the punch left to give it my all.

3 Best Captain’s Chair Exercises

Place your back against the pad and hold yourself with your elbows bent, forearms on the pads, and grip the handles.

Knees up

Inhale as you bring your knees in front of you with your legs bent as if you are sitting in a chair. Exhale as you slowly lower to beginning position. Be sure to draw your abs to the center of your body while you engage your full core.

Knees up, rotate right

Inhale as you bring your knees in front of you with your legs bent as if you are sitting in a chair. Instead of lowering as in knees up, exhale as you rotate your torso to the right, inhale as you come back to center, exhale as you lower to original position.

Knees up, rotate left

Do the same as knees up rotate right, but go to the left instead.


This is a very versatile ab exercise machine, and can take you from beginner to advanced, depending on the degree of incline you choose.

My current routine

Reclined sit ups

Set bench at desired incline, and lie down on bench with your head toward the floor and your knees and feet hooked properly at the top. Inhale as you sit up, bringing elbows to knees, exhale as you lower to original position. Be very aware and careful of your lower back. If you feel the slightest discomfort, ask a trainer to check your form.

Leg lifts

Set bench at desired level and lie down, this time with your head at the top of the bench. Reach behind your head and grab the handles. Inhale and use your lower abs to lift your legs, bringing your knees toward your chest and then raising your feet up, lifting your hips off the bench with your legs in the air. Exhale as you slowly and carefully return to original position.


This machine is one of my favorites, and I use it often. Since it would be easy to injure your lower back without proper form, check with a knowledgable trainer before beginning this exercise.

There are many awesome exercises to get those killer abs, so stay tuned for more! Go get ‘em babes!

Happy strong and beautiful life!


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