Acrylic Makeup Organizer With Drawers

Acrylic Makeup Organizer With Drawers

acrylic makeup organizer with drawersGuys I finally got myself an acrylic makeup organizer with drawers, and I think it is going to change my life! Honestly, I am so tired of the endless rummaging through my “makeup organizer,” trying to find the lipstick, blush, concealer, or whatever it is that I need-right-now! I wonder how many years of my life have been wasted digging for stuff? I’m not even kidding! Well, maybe just a little. My husband asks me pretty often if I ever get tired of rifling through my makeup bag, endlessly looking for the elusive item. It’s really pretty comical, so I have to laugh and say yes, through my frustration at my disorganization.

The thing is, I am not a slob. My house is neat and clean, at least reasonably:) I pretty often reorganize my current makeup organizer bag, but it is too small and I am too scattered to remember to look for a better one when I am actually at a store that sells them. Would I love to be organized and have everything in its place, always there, right where it is supposed to be? Of course! That is why today I went out and bought myself the perfect acrylic makeup organizer with drawers. I will be able to sit at my vanity makeup vanity dresser and get ready in a flash, or even take my time as I luxuriate in my amazing organizational skills. Haha, not really! I need oraganizational help, and today I found it!

Ok, so I finally found the time to go on the hunt, because guys, it’ a pain to shop anywhere but online, if you ask me. You can find these guys online, and I have looked at different types, but I wanted to check out the possibilities and see this clear acrylic makeup organizer with drawers up close. You know, kind of face to face. I am planning to become great friends with my new addition to simplifying my life.

When I got to the store, I wasn’t quite prepared for the overwhelming number of choices I had.  It was kind of like going to giant shoe warehouse. I can walk into one of those places, take a quick look around, become focused on the enormity of the selection, and leave empty handed. I just have a hard time when there are too many things to choose from when it comes to shopping for myself, so my shoe collection is tiny, haha.

Anyway, back to this awesome acrylic makeup organizer with drawers. It just sort of winked at me and caught me off guard. It might have even blown me a kiss, but maybe I just imagined that. It was like we were destined to be together. All of the other clear makeup organizers paled next to this beauty. It beckoned to me with it’s six gorgeous drawers that slide with no effort and it had even decorated itself with lovely compartment inserts that can hold specific items in their very own designated place.

Brush holders, blush holders, foundation, concealers, lipstick, powders, lotions, and other potions. There is a place for any and every item that I have, or want to have in the future. Everything can be kept clean and safe from breaking or getting lost. That will eventually pay me back the cost of the acrylic makeup organizer, since my current method results in losses and I have to replace things. Expensive things!

Not only is there a place for everything I use, but I can see everything I need!! Guys, it’s a clear acrylic makeup organizer! Clear as in see through. Anything I need to use, or pack to take with me if I need a touch up before I get back home. It’s all right there at my beck and call. No wonder I fell in love with this little guy!

I am certain that my acrylic makeup organizer with drawers is going to be one of my best investments in a very long time. I’ll let you know just as soon as I get around to transferring my makeup from my current messy bag. :)

I hope that you have the most amazing day and that you feel free to be all that you can be. Let your inner light shine and choose joy!

Happy beautiful life!!!


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