Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup

airbrush makeupAirbrush makeup without an airbrush? You’ve got to love Kandee! Guys, she is going to show us how to get that fiercely flawless complexion without using an airbrush!! Flawless sounds fabulous to me! And in her lovely Kandee way, she shows us her before and after. Her “before” is still so beautiful, but her “after” is complete perfection. We love that she levels the playing ground a little and makes us all feel like we can be beautiful too!!! Kandee really cares about your heart, and wants you to be encouraged in your own beauty and value.

Kandee loves airbrush makeup because the foundation is a very different formulation than other types of foundations. It is very light, and once applied, it feels like you don’t have any makeup on, yet your skin is flawlessly beautiful. It is especially good for acne, because the makeup is non-oily, and it is even helpful for your skin. That makes it great for oily to normal skin, but she even loves it on her own dry complexion.

In this video, Kandee tells us her favorite brands of airbrush foundation, and shows how to get them from the containers. She recommends using a face primer to fill in fine lines and large pores, so that you have a nice, smooth canvas to work with. If your face is already perfect, then you can skip this step. And we are happy for you. No, really! We are happy for you!! (and maybe a tiny bit envious…? ha!) 😉

How to apply airbrush makeup without an airbrush tool

You will need a large, foundation brush. The airbrush makeup foundation is the only foundation that she likes to brush on. She usually prefers to use the beauty blender, but because the foundation is so watery and light, it is mostly absorbed into the sponge and not much gets on  your skin. That’s why the airbrush makeup goes on better with a brush.

Apply the foundation directly to your brush, not to your skin

Using the brush, lightly pat the foundation all over your face, including your eyelids.

Apply to one side of your face so that you can see the difference it makes in your own skin.

Kandee does one side of her face first, and the difference is a perfectly flawless, light finish.

You can see that Kandee’s pretty freckles are all covered up and invisible to our eyes. (We like her freckles though!!) It can also cover any little imperfections that we all have, unless you’re that lucky girl we already pointed out – haha!

You won’t need concealer because the coverage is so beautify perfect – that’s the easiest thing about using airbrush makeup. However, you can use the concealer to contour and highlight all you want. Kandee has some great tutorials on contouring and highlighting that you can find right here on this fan site. Check them out, as well as all the other articles (like these eyebrow makeup tips), to give you even more help with details on what to buy and such things.

You won’t really need to set the airbrush makeup with a finishing powder, but Kandee loves the absolutely perfect finish you can get with it, so I will probably follow her best advice. :) We know and love that Kandee perfect look!!  Wow!!  We thank her for sharing her best tricks of the trade with all of us. You can choose your own favorite look that works for you!!

Finish by applying your own favorite makeup look for this day. Kandee’s finished look is softly pink and feminine. She must be feeling particularly girly today. 😉 That’s one of my favorite things about makeup. You can be whoever you want to be today, and then choose a whole different look for tomorrow if you want. It’s just good girly fun! Let your imagination run wild and have a blast being all you can be. Stay in the moment today. Make the most of every single moment, because today is the one that you have been given. Life is what you make it, so choose joy, choose happiness, choose to be positive. Be kind and show love to everyone. Every single day is a beautiful gift, so don’t waste it! Embrace your life and really live!!

Let’s watch our positive, kind, and loving Kandee show us how to apply airbrush makeup like a pro! And be sure to subscribe to tell her thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Not only is she beautiful, she’s so nice! You will love this happy airbrush makeup video!! Enjoy!!

Ok guys, that’s a wrap! I know I’m going to run out and buy airbrush makeup foundation and see if I can learn with Kandee how to have that fabulously flawless airbrushed look, without the airbrush!  Be happy, fierce, and flawless!! Love you guys!!!

Happy beautiful life!!


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