American Beauty Standards

American Beauty Standards

american beauty standardsAmerican beauty standards are different from other cultural beauty standards around the world. So what exactly defines American beauty? Standards of American beauty tend to focus on features like clear, tan skin, high cheekbones, big lips, mature eyes, and straight, white teeth. While many of these standards are similar in other countries, some are looked at very differently or even thought of as flaws! Let’s break down the American beauty standards, and see how they weigh in when compared to other cultures’ beauty ideals.

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American beauty ideals often include this idea of high, prominent cheekbones. In order to showcase our cheekbones, we often use highlighter on our cheekbones, or apply contour makeup just below them to create contrast and make them stand out even more. In some cultures, such as the Korean culture, however, high cheekbones are considered undesirable! In Korea, one of their beauty standards is having a small face. They think that the higher or more prominent their cheekbones are, the larger their face looks. Some cultures prefer a flatter or more 2-dimensional appearance to their faces, so the idea of highlighting cheekbones can seem ridiculous.

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Of course, not all Americans have the same ideals; but in general, getting a tan is a common way for people to strive for ideal beauty in America. In other cultures, such as many Asian cultures, trying to get a tan would go against their beauty standards. For them, lighter skin is more desirable, and they try to avoid tanning as much as possible! In America, many people like to lie out by the pool, on the beach, or go tanning in tanning salons to become darker. Spray tans and self-tanning lotions are also very popular, where in other cultures, skin whitening products are very commonly used as a part of a daily skincare routine.

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A popular makeup look in America is the smokey eye look. Women often prefer a more dramatic, intense eye look, with lots of shading and use of color or black liner. Lots of women, especially young women, prefer a more mature looking eye, like a smoldering smokey eye. In other cultures, a fresher, more youthful eye is more desirable. In the Parisian culture, the natural eye makeup look is much more common than an intense, smokey eye look. In Korea, large, doll-like eyes are considered most desirable.

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Straight white teeth are never exactly frowned upon, but in many cultures, such as some European cultures, the straightness and whiteness of teeth is not quite as important as it is in the American beauty ideal. As for western beauty standards, everyone for the most part tries to go for that cookie-cutter, movie star smile. Almost every person has braces and other orthodontia as a child, and teeth bleaching sets and whitening toothpastes are prominent in drugstores and grocery stores everywhere.

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The American beauty standard regarding lips is typically the bigger the better. Some women take this to extremes by getting Hyaluronic acid or collagen injections to enlarge the lips, but for women who just want a natural way to increase their lip size, there are so many options of lip plumping glosses, serums, devices, and techniques. Women will scrub their lips with a toothbrush and cinnamon, put on lip plumping masks, and even use a device called a lip roller, which is a roller lined with tiny needles that poke the skin and cause swelling.

The ideals of American beauty are so different from the ideals of beauty in other cultures. This should only go to show you that beauty is 100% subjective!! Instead of worrying about what society says is beautiful, just be yourself and play up your features however you feel like doing so. It’s your face, your body, and your choice! The generalization of beauty as one typical American beauty standard is ridiculous, and this contradiction between cultural beauty ideas only solidifies the concept that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What might be unattractive to one person could be considered extremely desirable by another, depending on not only culture, but taste and personal beauty ideals as well. Instead of trying to fit one culture’s supposed beauty ideal, do whatever makes you feel good about yourself, because confidence is beauty.

Have fun playing up your features YOUR way, beauties!



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