best gluten free snacks, kandee johnson

Best Gluten Free Snacks

Best Gluten Free Snacks   Okay babes, these have to be some of the best gluten free snacks out there! This delicious and simple recipe will have you drooling, and the best part is, they fit into your nutrition plans! That’s right: it’s completely guilt-free!! Yummy gluten free snack ideas can be hard to come by, especially when you are… Read more →

mascara, kandee johnson


Mascara Don’t have a favorite mascara yet? Take the eyelash challenge and discover your lushest lashes ever! There are so many different types of mascara formulas and wands to choose from! Drugstore and luxury brands come in many varieties, and choosing a new mascara can be tricky to do. These tips will help you select the product that is best for your… Read more →

how to lose a double chin, kandee johnson

How to Lose a Double Chin

How to Lose a Double Chin Hey beauties! Want to know how to lose a double chin? Let’s face it (no pun intended!): none of us likes to have that extra roll of softness poking out when we smile, laugh, or look down! Ever opened up front cam on accident? Absolutely horrifying! 😛 Maybe you would like to lose weight… Read more →

blackheads, kandee johnson


Blackheads Let’s talk about blackheads. Let’s be honest, we all get them, and we all want them off of our faces! We all want to know how to get rid of blackheads! Sometimes blackheads can be very noticeable and large, while others can be as small as a needle point. One this is for sure, blackheads are nothing but annoyances!… Read more →

bare escentuals buxom

Bare Escentuals Buxom

Bare Escentuals Buxom Unleash your inner goddess with Bare Escentuals Buxom makeup! The bold pigments, the long-wearing drama, velvety textures, and plumping lip products, Bare Escentuals Buxom is the way to go for anything wild and bold! Bare Escentuals Buxom is known for its extreme level of intensity, with strong statement colors, thick gloss formulas, voluminous lashes, and high color… Read more →

1920s flapper makeup tutorial

1920s Flapper Makeup Tutorial

1920s Flapper Makeup Tutorial Looking for a 1920s Flapper Makeup Tutorial?? Whether you’re wanting to dress up as a flapper girl for halloween or you just can’t get enough of vintage 20s inspired fashion, this 1920s flapper makeup tutorial will have you feeling glam and looking like a fun-loving, trendy twenties girl for any occasion! 1920s Flapper Makeup Tutorial Step… Read more →

bare minerals starter kit

Bare Minerals Starter Kit

Bare Minerals Starter Kit Ready to get started with Bare Minerals?! The Bare Minerals starter kit will jump start your journey into the world of Bare Minerals! What’s in the Bare Minerals starter kit?!  Let’s take a sneak peak inside the Bare Minerals starter kit and find out exactly what you’ll be getting for your money, as well as begin… Read more →

bare minerals foundation

Bare Minerals Foundation

Bare Minerals Foundation Deciding on a Bare Minerals foundation? It can be more difficult than it sounds! With so many great options, Bare Minerals foundation is sure to match your needs, while allowing you to be kind to your skin. Let’s take a look at the classic makeup bag staple, the Bare Minerals Foundation Original Formula! Bare Minerals Foundation Ingredients… Read more →

naked smoky palette

Naked Smoky Palette

Naked Smoky Palette OMG, have you seen the Naked Smoky Palette from Urban Decay?? Urban Decay’s Naked palettes, including the soon to be released Naked Palette 4, have always been full of nice, neutral shades that are great for creating beautiful natural eye shadow looks, with a bit of drama added in of course! The Naked Smoky Palette however, takes… Read more →



Ready to channel your inner flappers, girls? The flapper girl is a trademark of fun, flirtatiousness, and self-expression through clothing, dance, and lifestyle. Dressing up as flappers to go out da, to go to a costume party, or as a Halloween costume can be a fun way to show your wild side! Flappers are the original rebel punk chicks. Instead… Read more →

skin care basics

Skincare Basics

Skincare Basics If you are new to skin care, the amount of natural skincare products and routines out there can be a bit daunting! Instead of becoming overwhelmed by all of the skincare options on the shelves of drugstores and luxury brand stores alike, check out this simplified approach to how you can take care of your skin with the… Read more →

your beautiful

Your Beautiful Life

Your Beautiful Life Hey beauties:) Let’s talk about your beautiful life, and what makes it so special and lovely. Life can have its ups and downs, and there are times when you might not feel so much like your life is beautiful. These are the times when you need to seek the beauty in life more than ever, because focusing… Read more →

yoga poses basics

Yoga Poses Basics

Yoga Poses Basics Ready to dive into the yoga poses basics? When you begin your yoga fitness journey, it’s absolutely crucial to have a good strong base! This means that you need a firm understanding of the yoga poses BASICS for beginners before you can move on to advanced yoga poses. Grab your mats and let’s get started! First off,… Read more →

what is a healthy diet for women

What is a Healthy Diet for Women

What is a Healthy Diet for Women Hey guys! Wondering what is a healthy diet for women? With all of the resources at our fingertips, and the countless articles from who knows where with all sorts of different opinions, it can be rather overwhelming for a person who is looking for straight answers. Sometimes it’s hard separating the rubbish (ever… Read more →

skin cosmetics containing retinol

Skincare Cosmetics Containing Retinol

Skincare Cosmetics Containing Retinol Skincare cosmetics containing retinol are a brilliant choice for all you beauty babes seeking gloriously beautiful skin that will age more slowly and gracefully. Who doesn’t want to hang on to that youthful glow for as long as possible? Well I have great news, whether you are just starting out with your skincare routine, or have… Read more →

makeup palettes

Makeup Palettes

Makeup Palettes Great news guys! The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette is tone of my favorite makeup palettes, and is totally on fleek!! I absolutely love all of the Naked makeup palettes, so I am so excited that Kandee Johnson has created a tutorial and review for us! My eyes are sensitive to a lot of products, but I can… Read more →

leg workouts for women

Leg Workouts for Women

Leg Workouts for Women It’s LEG DAY, ladies!!! Let’s talk about leg workouts for women who want to firm that butt, grow those quads, and strengthen those hammies! I will be letting you in on my personal leg workout routine, and going over some tough leg workouts for women at home and at the gym that will shape your legs into… Read more →

smoothie recipe

Smoothie Recipe

Smoothie Recipe Smoothie recipe anyone? One of the best ways to start you day with a perfectly packed nutritional punch is with – tada!! –  green smoothie, a fruit smoothie, or a green fruity smoothie. Pack it with protein and you have a nutritional powerhouse! Better skin, better strength, better muscle, better energy,better health, and a positive attitude, are but a blender… Read more →

sephora makeup

Sephora Makeup

Sephora Makeup When you’re out shopping for makeup, Sephora is often a first stop! Sephora makeup is diverse in its brands, products, and styles. I love going to Sephora for my favorite Urban Decay and Makeup Forever products! However, it was not until just recently that I took time to notice the Made in Sephora makeup line! Here is a… Read more →

organic foods clean

Are Organic Foods Clean?

Are Organic Foods Clean Automatically? Hey fit friends! When people find out I’m gluten-free, the first thing they often say to me is “oh, do you do that as a diet?” At this point I want to respond by pointing out all of the gluten free donuts, chips, cookies, and cakes that are available! One common misconception people have about… Read more →

makeup forever hd foudation

Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Makeup Forever HD Foundation Makeup Forever HD Foundation review! Makeup Forever is an extremely high-quality luxury brand makeup (no freebies here, ha!). Their HD collection creates the illusion of absolutely smooth and flawless skin, by smoothing over pores, filling in lines and wrinkles, and creating a matte, velvet texture to your skin. The tiny particles in the Makeup Forever HD… Read more →

healthy breakfast recipes

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Healthy Breakfast Recipes Hey babes! Need some healthy breakfast recipes? We’ve heard it all our lives, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After 8 or more hours of not eating, your body needs to literally “break its fast” in order to restart your metabolism and get you set up for a day of fat burning, muscle building,… Read more →

quick weight loss

Quick Weight Loss Tips

Quick Weight Loss Tips! Check out these quick weight loss tips to kick start your fat burning and get you to your ideal weight in no time! Are you ready to begin your weight loss journey? Maybe you’re brand new to the health and fitness world and you’re just looking for some fast weight loss tips to get you started. Or,… Read more →

NUDE skincare

NUDE Skincare

NUDE Skincare NUDE Skincare is an all natural skincare line that is committed to bringing health and nutrients to your skin without adding in any harmful chemicals or ingredients! Their products are a bit on the pricey side, so if you are used to drugstore skincare, it’s going to be a bit of a difference – which might be a… Read more →

makeup transformation

Makeup Transformation

Makeup Transformation Hey guys, who wants to see a celebrity makeup transformation? You do? Well hold on for this beautiful transformation as Kandee Johnson turn herself into Demi Lovato. Both natural beauties with obvious natural talents, and we love to enjoy the abilities they share with us. Let’s watch this makeup transformation video and learn as Kandee teaches us how… Read more →


Top 10 Natural Skincare Oils for Beautiful Skin!

Top 10 Natural Skincare Oils for Beautiful Skin! Using natural skincare oils is so good for your skin and your overall health. When you begin to replace your normal skincare products with these natural oils good for skin, you will notice how soft, smooth, clear, and glowing your skin becomes, without all the harmful chemicals!! Let’s jump right in to the world… Read more →

bodybuilding forums

Bodybuilding Forums

Bodybuilding Forums Hey babes! Looking to get ‘swole?’ Bodybuilding forums can be a great place to look for advice, tips, and routines from other bodybuilders. If you have a question about building muscle, exercise, nutrition for bodybuilders, or anything related to bodybuilding, scrolling through bodybuilding forums can provide you with a wealth of information! What to use bodybuilding forums for:… Read more →

halloween makeup ideas

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween Makeup Tutorial Calling all spooks!! Ready for some easy Halloween makeup ideas?? It’s that time of the year again, my favorite season! Autumn is a time for pumpkins, chilly weather, falling leaves, and of course all of our favorite pumpkin spice lattes! But what is the most fun night of the fall season? You guessed it, it’s Halloween!! Break out… Read more →


Before and After Makeup

Before and After Makeup Ok Fandees, once again our beautiful Kandee shows us herself before and after makeup. I don’t know about you but I think she is completely gorgeous both ways, makeup or no makeup. She has a natural beauty that shines from within, from her beautiful and kind heart. It is so brave and so awesome that she… Read more →

beautiful women

Beautiful Women

Beautiful Women What are the qualities that define beautiful women? Beautiful women can come from all different backgrounds, heritages, countries, walks of life, and cultures. What one culture considers beautiful might vary from the next, but beautiful women are recognized as beautiful no matter where they go. What is it that draws us to beautiful women, regardless of our culture’s… Read more →

weight loss and fitness program

Weight Loss and Fitness Program

Weight Loss and Fitness Program Looking for a weight loss and fitness program that fits your goals and lifestyle? Start your very own weight loss exercise program today, and take your body to the next level! There are so many plans, diets, and workout programs out there to choose from, so here is how to select the weight loss plan… Read more →

top beauty brands for makeup and skincare

Top Beauty Brands for Makeup and Skincare!

Top Beauty Brands for Makeup and Skincare! Hey babes, these are the top beauty brands for makeup and skincare! I love taking care of my face with the most nourishing skincare, and playing it up with the best makeup looks and products from all of my favorite beauty brands! Ready to revamp your skincare routine and makeup mag with the… Read more →

sleek makeup

Sleek Makeup

Sleek Makeup   A sleek makeup look can make any woman feel New York chic! If you want to learn how to apply sleek makeup, it’s really easier than you might think! The trick is not to overdo anything, and to focus on that clean, stark look. Let’s get started with some sleek makeup tips! sleek makeup :: CHIC MAKEUP… Read more →

5 step skincare routine for morning

5 Step Skincare Routine for Morning

5 Step Skincare Routine for Morning Wake up, gorgeous! It’s time for your morning skincare routine. Your morning skincare routine should be quite different from your nighttime skincare routine, because your face requires different vitamins and serums at night than it does in the day. Some products can make your skin sensitive to the sun, so you have to apply… Read more →

quinoa nutrition

Quinoa Nutrition

Quinoa Nutrition Get the low-down on quinoa nutrition! Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) has long been consumed by people in many different cultures, and recognized as a superfood full of vital micronutrients that your body needs! Quinoa nutrition is dense and plentiful, so let’s jump right into the quinoa nutrition facts, before we break it down and talk about all the other goodies… Read more →

permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Let’s talk about permanent makeup! Is permanent makeup a good option for you? Is it just a fad? Is permanent makeup totally insane?!? I’ve asked, and I’ve found answers from women who have braved the trend and gotten their own permanent makeup. Here are the pros and cons of getting permanent makeup!! Permanent Makeup Pros: Never having to… Read more →

nutrition facts

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts Reading and paying attention to the nutrition facts of the foods you eat is essential when you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle! If you want to start making some serious gains, either in muscle growth, athletic performance, or in weight loss, reading and understanding the nutrition facts of the foods you are eating will help you… Read more →

NYX makeup

NYX Makeup

NYX Makeup Ever tried a NYX makeup product? I can’t walk into Ulta without stopping by the NYX aisle and checking out what steals there might be! NYX Cosmetics is a fantastic brand of affordable yet HIGH quality makeup! NYX Makeup Reviews!! I cannot get enough of NYX makeup products for the lips!! I have severely of the retractable lip liners,… Read more →

makeup organizer

Makeup Organizer

Makeup Organizer Looking to simplify your life with a makeup organizer? A great makeup organizer can take your makeup collection from haphazard to sleek and easy to access. Whether you prefer to pack your makeup in a bag for on-the-go, or you like a bigger, more stationary makeup organizer, these tips will help you select the perfect makeup organizer for… Read more →

is makeup vanity

Is Makeup Vanity?

Is Makeup Vanity? Many women ask themselves the question, is makeup vanity? There is a lot of controversy out there surrounding the topic of makeup, with negative and positive opinions from both men and women. People have strong arguments regarding the use of makeup in modern day, and some feel that it is simply a way for vain women to… Read more →

starbucks nutrition

Starbucks Nutrition

Starbucks Nutrition Figuring out Starbucks nutrition facts and weighing out your healthy options can be a challenge, especially when you’re dragging in there half asleep and thinking is hard enough already. Want to learn a few healthy swaps that you can grab even in your caffeine-craving zombie state? Let’s check out our menus and try tour best to ignore those… Read more →

organic skincare

Organic Skincare

Organic Skincare Reviews When it comes to our skin, organic skincare is a great option for ensuring the products we layer on our faces don’t negatively affect our skin or our health in the long run.  Many people are starting to realize just how important it is to be aware of what products we are putting on our skin. Since… Read more →

bodybuilding diet

Bodybuilding Diet

Bodybuilding Diet Creating the perfect bodybuilding diet can be a challenge, but once you understand how to use food to compliment and properly fuel your workouts, you will be one step closer to that goal body you have in mind! Whether you are prepping for a bodybuilding competition, training for a particular athletic event, or you simply want to learn… Read more →

quest nutrition

Quest Nutrition

Quest Nutrition   Getting in your macros can be a challenge on the go, but Quest Nutrition can be a great help in a pinch! One of the easiest ways to get good protein after a workout is to buy Quest bars & stick a couple in your gym bag! You want to try to take in a good serving… Read more →

simple skincare product review

Simple Skincare Product Review!

Simple Skincare Product Review (aka Cleansing Products I Have Tried and LOVED!) The Simple Skincare line caught my attention with its clean, fresh-looking packaging, and its promise of NO harsh chemicals that can upset your skin, and NO artificial perfumes or dyes! I’m all about being kind to my skin by using as natural of products that I can, without… Read more →

health benefits gardening

Health Benefits Gardening

Health Benefits Gardening Hey babes! Want to know one of the secret health benefits gardening has to offer? Now, I’m not talking about getting outside and getting sweaty with yard work, although doing physical activity in the sunshine offers tons of benefits itself, but rather let you in on a little secret that’s been really working for me: indoor gardening.… Read more →

free makeup

Free Makeup

Free Makeup Who doesn’t love getting free makeup?! There are few things that give you the same warm, fuzzy feeling that receiving a free makeup gift gives you. Whether a makeup artist is applying free makeup to your face in a store or at a makeup counter, or you find a free makeup sample in a catalog, or you receive… Read more →

cheap makeup

Cheap Makeup

Cheap Makeup! Let’s add one more thing to the list of what I love about Kandee Johnson: she shows us that beauty is accessible and affordable to everyone! In her drugstore makeup haul video, she shows tons of products that you can buy at any Walgreens or Walmart for cheap! She even shows swaps you can make for the expensive… Read more →

eye makeup

Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup Eyes: the window to the soul! Give your soul a beautiful window frame with eye makeup. With infinite options of products, looks, tutorials, and shapes, tackling eye makeup can be a bit overwhelming! Let’s break it down and get to the good stuff, with a little help from Kandee, of course! Eye Makeup Look Number 1: Clean, winged… Read more →

cat eye makeup

Cat Eye Makeup

Cat Eye Makeup Hey babes! Ready to look fierce and flawless with that perfect cat eye makeup? Cat eye makeup is one of the most popular makeup looks, and for good reason! Nothing can make you feel bold and unstoppable quite like a dynamic cat eye. Let’s jump right in and walk through the simple steps to creating your own… Read more →

top 3 best skincare products

Top 3 Best Skincare Products

Top 3 Best Skincare Products Treat your skin to only the best skincare products! Looking for the best skincare products that will enrich and beautify your skin? Check out these top 3 best skincare products and begin transforming your skin from the outside in. Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer, SPF 30 I absolutely love this product! I never… Read more →

a plan to lose weight fast

A Plan to Lose Weight Fast

A Plan to Lose Weight Fast Everyone wants a plan to lose weight fast, but there are so many questions to be answered before starting a new program that sometimes it can seem too daunting to even begin! How fast is too fast? Will rapid weight loss be maintainable? Is rapid weight loss even possible for me? Well, fear no… Read more →

all natural liquid vitamins

All Natural Liquid Vitamins

All Natural Liquid Vitamins If you are trying to find great all natural liquid vitamins, Amazing grass superfood products might be just what you’re looking for! All natural liquid vitamins can not only be easier to swallow than big pills or capsules, but the are also more quickly and easily absorbed by the body, because they are digested more quickly.… Read more →

makeup bags

Makeup Bags 101: Three Tricks for a Clutter-Free Kit!

Makeup Bags 101: Three Tricks for a Clutter-Free Kit! Is your makeup a little less than organized? Let’s face it, our makeup bags can get a little out of hand! If you are ready to take back control of your kit, these 3 tips for clutter-free makeup bags can help you do the trick! First off, why should we keep… Read more →

how to apply makeup

How to Apply Makeup, the EASY Way!

How to Apply Makeup …the EASY way!! Hey babes! Looking to learn how to apply makeup? I’m going to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply makeup the easy way!! This process is great for on the go, because we are going to strip our routine down to the bare essentials. We’ll be doubling up our products for… Read more →

contour makeup tutorial

Contour Makeup Tutorial

Contour Makeup Tutorial Want to apply contour makeup like a serious pro?? This makeup tutorial will have you feeling FIERCE and looking flawless! Even if you have to look like a crazy warrior chick for a little bit before blending. 😉 Hey, I said you would feel fierce, right? On our quest to learn how to use contour makeup like… Read more →

how to clean makeup brushes

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

How to Clean Makeup Brushes Need to learn how to clean makeup brushes? Don’t let oil, dirt, and acne-causing bacteria linger inside your favorite brush set! Not only will you be brushing all of that junk onto the delicate skin of your face, but your brushes will also suffer the consequences! Brushes cakes with old makeup, oils, and dirt will… Read more →


Mac Makeup

Mac Makeup There you are, weaving your way through the crowds of mall-perusing women, the puffs of sample perfumes being sprayed into the air all around you, the clusters of middle schoolers with their mocha frappes, and frazzled moms corralling their children and bumping their way through the masses with their doublewide baby strollers, when you see it: a glimmering… Read more →



Makeup Makeup: the ultimate form of self-expression. Why do women wear makeup? Is it because we think we are ugly? Because we have low self-esteem without it? Is it simply a society norm with no meaning whatsoever? Or is there something more to it, something deeper than impressing our peers with superficial beauty. Makeup is a form of art where… Read more →

makeup forever

Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever My trip to Makeup Forever, plus a product review of one of my TOP beauty essentials from Makeup Forever!! Walking into Makeup Forever is like walking into a tiny magical world of beauty. I remember my first trip to a real Makeup Forever storefront vividly; the whimsical decorations, the rows of lit mirrors, and the rack and rack… Read more →

contour makeup

3 Contour Makeup Tips that Will Change Your Life!

3 Contour Makeup Tips that Will Change Your Life! Ready to take your contour makeup to the next level? Everyone is contouring these days, so stand out from the crowd by taking your contour makeup from average to on FLEEK with these 3 simple tips!! 1. Select Your Shade! First off, you’ll need the perfect shade of contour makeup. You… Read more →

best makeup brushes

Best Makeup Brushes

Best Makeup Brushes Want to know some of the best makeup brushes in the business? These makeup brushes will definitely be some of your new go-tos. Makeup brushes can make all the difference in the overall turnout of your makeup, so if you are going to splurge on anything, buying the best makeup brushes available to you can be a… Read more →

kandeeland justice vlog

Kandeeland Vlog: Back to School Shopping Party!

Kandeeland Vlog: Back to School Shopping Party! Kandee and her daughters Ellie and Alani are SO ADORABLE in Kandee’s new vlog, “Back to School Shopping Party.” Follow their adventure below!   Aren’t they the cutest little trio ever?? The video starts off with Kandee and the girls singing in the car about their shopping trip to Justice. Totally an adorable… Read more →

best drugstore makeup

Best Drugstore Makeup

Best Drugtore Makeup   Learn how to build you own, personalized beauty budget pyramid, and choose from my list of the best drugstore makeup options on the market! In a perfect world, we would all be able to splurge on every luxury brand product the we swoon over at the makeup counters or, even more dangerously, at and Sephora. However,… Read more →

eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow Makeup Which form of eyebrow makeup is right for you?? There are sooo many options out there for filling out your perfect brow, so let’s break it down and talk about the TOP THREE methods for applying eyebrow makeup! We’ll look at the three most popular formulas on the beauty market, and you can decide which one fits your… Read more →

makeup brushes

Top 5 Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Kit!

Top 5 Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Kit! Makeup brushes!! With all different shapes, sizes, and textures for application of all types of make up, you can always find an exact makeup brush for your specific needs. Whether you’re applying foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, concealer, contour, blush, or finishing powder, makeup brushes are the key that can help… Read more →

mineral makeup

Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup Mineral makeup can not only be healthy for the skin, but also have amazing color payoff and blendability! Mineral makeup is often organic or at least natural, so you have less worries about synthetic materials or harsh chemicals seeping into your skin. With pressed mineral powders, loose shadows, metallic shades, and more, mineral makeup can cover all your… Read more →

organic makeup

Organic Makeup

Organic Makeup Organic makeup: should you make the switch? Check out these two incredibly unique and beautiful organic makeup brands! Many of us are beginning to realize that taking care of our bodies extends past just getting to the gym. What we eat, and the products we put on our skin, really make a difference in our overall health and… Read more →

natural makeup

Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup It’s all about that natural beauty, babes!! Let’s talk about natural makeup, and what you can do to achieve that #iwokeuplikethis flawless face. 😉 5 steps to creating PERFECT natural makeup!! 1. Natural complexion Step number one, conceal to DEEMPHASIZE, not to HIDE. When applying foundation and concealer normally for a full-makeup look, we tend to try and… Read more →

does lemon water help you lose weight

Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight?

Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight? Hey guys! Many of you have been asking the nutrition question, does lemon water help you lose weight? It’s become pretty common to find lemon water in lists of weight loss tips, as well as in weight loss articles and even pinterest boards, but it’s often unclear what lemon water actually does in… Read more →

makeup tips

Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips 4 Secret Makeup Tips for that perfectly polished wow-factor! Hey babes! Looking for easy, GAME-CHANGER makeup tips to simplify and renew your routine? These makeup tips can take your look from slouchy to savvy in 4 simple steps. Ready to level up your look for effortless beauty? Let’s get started! 1. Your NEW concealed weapon! Forget foundation, try spot… Read more →

makeup tutorials

Makeup Tutorials

  Makeup Tutorials Wanna learn how to make your makeup stand out?? Makeup tutorials can help you learn the basics such as how to apply foundation or mascara, or more advanced things such as creating a perfect winged liner or sculpted face with contour makeup. I’ve compiled a list of THE BEST makeup tutorials on YouTube for every essential element… Read more →

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