best drugstore makeup

Best Drugstore Makeup

Best Drugtore Makeup   Learn how to build you own, personalized beauty budget pyramid, and choose from my list of the best drugstore makeup options on the market! In a perfect world, we would all be able to splurge on every luxury brand product the we swoon over at the makeup counters or, even more dangerously, at and Sephora. However,… Read more →

eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow Makeup Which form of eyebrow makeup is right for you?? There are sooo many options out there for filling out your perfect brow, so let’s break it down and talk about the TOP THREE methods for applying eyebrow makeup! We’ll look at the three most popular formulas on the beauty market, and you can decide which one fits your… Read more →

eye makeup

Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup Eyes: the window to the soul! Give your soul a beautiful window frame with eye makeup. With infinite options of products, looks, tutorials, and shapes, tackling eye makeup can be a bit overwhelming! Let’s break it down and get to the good stuff, with a little help from Kandee, of course! Eye Makeup Look Number 1: Clean, winged… Read more →

makeup brushes

Top 5 Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Kit!

Top 5 Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Kit! Makeup brushes!! With all different shapes, sizes, and textures for application of all types of make up, you can always find an exact makeup brush for your specific needs. Whether you’re applying foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, concealer, contour, blush, or finishing powder, makeup brushes are the key that can help… Read more →

mineral makeup

Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup Mineral makeup can not only be healthy for the skin, but also have amazing color payoff and blendability! Mineral makeup is often organic or at least natural, so you have less worries about synthetic materials or harsh chemicals seeping into your skin. With pressed mineral powders, loose shadows, metallic shades, and more, mineral makeup can cover all your… Read more →

organic makeup

Organic Makeup

Organic Makeup Organic makeup: should you make the switch? Check out these two incredibly unique and beautiful organic makeup brands! Many of us are beginning to realize that taking care of our bodies extends past just getting to the gym. What we eat, and the products we put on our skin, really make a difference in our overall health and… Read more →

natural makeup

Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup It’s all about that natural beauty, babes!! Let’s talk about natural makeup, and what you can do to achieve that #iwokeuplikethis flawless face. 😉 5 steps to creating PERFECT natural makeup!! 1. Natural complexion Step number one, conceal to DEEMPHASIZE, not to HIDE. When applying foundation and concealer normally for a full-makeup look, we tend to try and… Read more →

does lemon water help you lose weight

Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight?

Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight? Hey guys! Many of you have been asking, does lemon water help you lose weight? It’s become pretty common to find lemon water in lists of weight loss tips, as well as in weight loss articles and even pinterest boards, but it’s often unclear what lemon water actually does in support of losing… Read more →

makeup tips

Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips 4 Secret Makeup Tips for that perfectly polished wow-factor! Hey babes! Looking for easy, GAME-CHANGER makeup tips to simplify and renew your routine? These makeup tips can take your look from slouchy to savvy in 4 simple steps. Ready to level up your look for effortless beauty? Let’s get started! 1. Your NEW concealed weapon! Forget foundation, try spot… Read more →

makeup tutorials

Makeup Tutorials

  Makeup Tutorials Wanna learn how to make your makeup stand out?? Makeup tutorials can help you learn the basics such as how to apply foundation or mascara, or more advanced things such as creating a perfect winged liner or sculpted face with contour makeup. I’ve compiled a list of THE BEST makeup tutorials on YouTube for every essential element… Read more →