kandee announces engagement

Kandee Announces Engagement

KANDEE ANNOUNCES ENGAGEMENT! Kandee announces engagement! Ok guys! It’s official! Kandee Johnson has posted – on her Instagram – a picture of her and Michael, showing her gorgeous ring that he had specially made for her! It will knock you out! It is so beautiful! Michael did a great job of creating something really special for Kandee as a token… Read more →

sweet potato nutrition

Sweet Potato Nutrition

Sweet Potato Nutrition   Check out these sweet potato nutrition facts! Ok my favorites babes, it looks like we can have our french fries and eat them too!! I mean, let’s admit it, we all have those times when nothing will do but a dose of carb-laden comfort food. You know, when those hormones are raging, or we have been… Read more →



KandeeJ Kandee Johnson, aka KandeeJ, is an amazingly  talented makeup artist, whose beautifully creative work is undeniable. Her transformations, into very famous people, from her astounding Marilyn Monroe to her manly Johnny Depp, and everything in between, will leave you speechless. I am blown away by her transformation into Angelina Jolie. She looks more like Angelina than the real Agelina… Read more →

banana nutrition 10 reasons to eat them

Banana Nutrition – 10 Reasons to Eat Them

        Banana Nutrition – 10 Reasons to Eat Them   Banana nutrition – -10 reasons to eat them might make you want to run out and grab one today! The power that is packed into one banana is surprising and fantastic! Turns out those monkeys are on to something! On that note, have you ever noticed that… Read more →

kandee and michael are getting married

Kandee and Michael are Getting Married!

Kandee and Michael are Getting Married! Kandee and Michael are getting married!!  It’s a happy happy day and we want you to celebrate the great news with us! We all love these two very special people, and it would be really fun if we could all come behind them and give them a big wedding present! Let them know how… Read more →

kandee johnson is engaged

Kandee Johnson is Engaged!!!

Kandee Johnson is Engaged!!! Kandee Johnson is engaged you guys!!!  That make us so happy!!! Doesn’t that make you so happy, Fandee babes? We know that it makes the lucky couple happy!! We all could see it coming, but man, did her fiance, Michael Castro, ever keep us holding our collective breaths!!! We think he was holding out for the… Read more →

photofacial technology

Photofacial Technology

Photofacial Technology   Hey guys, I wanted to give you my personal review of my experience with photofacial technology. Are you ready to get that fresh and flawless, soft as a baby’s, perfect skin? A face so beautifully smooth in color and texture that you really could go with no makeup? A face so free of discolorations, that your makeup… Read more →

wedding makeup

Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup It’s time to start planning your wedding makeup because – you said yes! Your true love dropped to his knee and popped the question every girl dreams about. Congratulations! Now the fun of planning your wedding day becomes a reality. Since this will be your big day, and all eyes will be on you, let’s talk about your… Read more →

beauty and the beast

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast The tale as old as time, passed down through the ages, the romantic idea of the beauty and the beast. The story of the beautiful girl who falls in love with the beast, not knowing that he is the strong, handsome, yet spoiled, prince who has been changed into the beast by an evil spell. She falls… Read more →

kandee johnson skin care for anti aging

Kandee Johnson Skin Care for Anti-Aging

Kandee Johnson Skin Care for Anti-Aging   What does Kandee Johnson use for skin care for anti-aging and how does she continue to looks so young and perfectly beautiful? Well, once again, our adorable Kandee shares her best tips with us so that we can also prevent wrinkles and other things associated with aging skin. She is just so gorgeous… Read more →