egg nutrition

Egg Nutrition

EGG NUTRITION Egg nutrition facts have been the topic of conversation in the world of nutrition for many years. For quite a few years they were given a bad rap as a contributor to heart disease. Great news for all of you egg loving babes! Turns out the egg has so many health benefits, that they are back on the… Read more →

kat von d shoe and closet tour

Kat Von D Shoe and Closet Tour

 Kat Von D Shoe and Closet Tour with Kandee Johnson   Kandee Johnson and Kat Von D are together again in this video, Kat Von D Shoe and Closet Tour!!! OMG!!! How much awesomeness can be packed into one place? We know that Kandee Johnson is a truly wonderful person. We know her and have spent time with her, and… Read more →

sleeping beauty

Sleeping Beauty

  Sleeping Beauty   Good morning, Sleeping Beauty! How was your night? Did you sleep well? Do you feel refreshed and ready to go have a wonderful day? It takes about seven to nine hours of solid, restful sleep to awake feeling refreshed and ready to go. Sleep often goes wanting because of all of the other things we need… Read more →

Kandee Johnson-the bad day Video

Kandee Johnson – The Bad Day Video

Kandee Johnson – The Bad Day Video   This video  by Kandee Johnson – The Bad Day Video, is one in which we can see into the heart of our own beautiful Kandee. This video is full of encouragement that life will get better if you are going through a hard time. Life will get better! There is  plan for… Read more →



Beautiful To be thought of as beautiful is something we all long for and would all love to be. Beauty is more than skin deep. Isn’t that the old saying? Pretty is as pretty does. We’ve heard that one too. Yet it seems that there is so much emphasis placed on physical beauty that we girls feel a great deal… Read more →

barbie makeup

Barbie Makeup

Barbie Makeup Hey Fandees! Well, with Kandee’s recent Barbie transformation on James Corden on the Late Late show, and with Halloween right around the corner, it seems like the perfect time to show off Kandee’s amazing Barbie transformation tutorial. That girl can do the most amazing things with that beautiful face of hers. She is a true artist, and her… Read more →

yoga simple practice

Yoga Simple Practice

Yoga Simple Practice Yoga simple practice. Ahh! Just the word “simple” is relaxing to us on-the-go girls. The world we live in can demand so much. We do all we can to meet those demands, don’t we? We love to give of ourselves and use and fully develop our gifts and talents to help better our lives and the lives of those… Read more →

fairy makeup

Fairy Makeup

Fairy Makeup Ok guys! As always, your wish is our command! Tons of you are wondering how to do fairy makeup, so either Halloween is closing in, or fashion is taking on a hot new trend! Thanks for keeping us apprised! 😉 Who wouldn’t love to go to a party looking just like the most beautiful and best loved fairy,… Read more →

Late Show Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson on the Late Late Show!

Kandee Johnson on the Late Late Show!       We are so excited because Kandee Johnson was on the Late Late show last night with James Corden! She was absolutely gorgeous and her bubbly personality stole the show. She is just the best! All of us Fandees are beside ourselves because our beautiful Kandee is finally being celebrated for… Read more →

Free Makeup Samples

Free Makeup Samples

Free Makeup Samples Who doesn’t love free makeup samples? After all, we work hard for our money, right? We do try to budget and save, but, oh my goodness, how those beautifully packaged products with such desirable promises do endlessly tempt us, don’t they? Everywhere we go, we see and hear how this new mascara will make our eyelashes longer… Read more →