Banana Nutrition – 10 Reasons to Eat Them

banana nutrition 10 reasons to eat them





Banana Nutrition – 10 Reasons to Eat Them


Banana nutrition – -10 reasons to eat them might make you want to run out and grab one today! The power that is packed into one banana is surprising and fantastic! Turns out those monkeys are on to something! On that note, have you ever noticed that it is kind of funny to watch someone eat a banana? If you haven’t, take another look and see if it doesn’t provide you with a little chuckle. If you don’t find it funny, eat a banana! A banana contains compounds that will boost your mood and make you feel happy :)

Bananas contain so many great things to help our bodies in so many ways. Let’s check out some of the amazing things bananas can do for you!

Banana Nutrition – 10 Reasons to Eat Them

Calm your Nervous System

Bananas are chock full of B vitamins which are famous for their ability to calm us down when we are feeling stressed.We can sometimes get ever extended by trying to be everything for everyone, worrying about the future, trying to excel at our jobs or at being a new parent. Some of us are trying to make it through school or may be pursuing a graduate degree. Relationships can stir up our nerves as much as having to perform on that piano or dance recital or an athletic competition. Whatever may be stressing(link the word stress to article) you, try to let it go. Eat a banana, take a deep breath, dose basic yoga, and feel better fast!

Fight Anemia

If you feel tired a lot or get dizzy on standing, or if your energy just doesn’t seem to be what it used to be, get your iron count checked at your doctor’s office. You may have become anemic, which is very common in young women. Don’t worry! It can be fixed and you will feel better soon! Rich in iron, bananas can help prevent and reverse a low hemoglobin count, along with your doctors recommendations if you do turn out to be anemic. This is great news since women tend to need extra iron during their menstruating years. Which brings us to the next great reason to indulge in banana nutrition!

Relieve Menstrual Cramps and Muscle Cramps

The potassium in a banana can provide relief from those dreaded monthly pains. The mood boosting properties contained in banana nutrition will also be greatly appreciated! We are stuck with those pesky cycles, so we might as well make the best of them! Perhaps a chocolate banana protein smoothie would do the trick! Bananas also relieve muscle cramps. Not only does it help sore muscles recover more quickly, the potassium in banana nutrition can quickly relieve muscle cramps. This is another plus for consuming one post workout, or anytime you might have a cramping muscle.

Regulate Monthly Mood Swings

We all know about those crazy monthly mood swings. It’s a good idea to check your calendar if you wake up feeling blue, irritable, or any of those other annoying things our monthly cycle can do to our outlook. If you see that you are due to start your period, chalk it up to PMS rather than anything actual, and eat a banana! (with chocolate of course;) The vitamin b6 contained in a banana is a great mood stabilizer, and the awesome banana contains a healthy dose to help you feel like yourself all month long.

Help you Sleep

Tryptophan is an amino acid that is important in the treatment and prevention of insomnia. Who hasn’t had a sleepless night? Ugh! Those are the worst! You toss and turn and your mind runs like crazy and jus won’t turn off and let you sleep. There are studies showing that regular consumption of tryptophan containing foods can help you fall asleep and stay alseep. Bananas are a great tasting source of tryptophan so eat one and have sweet dreams!

Make you Feel Happy

Serotonin is chemical in your body that is responsible for stabilizing your mood, among other things. What a wonderful thing that is! The vitamin b6 contained in banana nutrition helps convert the tryptophan into serotonin, giving you a mighty happy boost in your mood. Yay!  Eat bananas and be happy!

Aid in Digestion

If your have trouble with things like constipation, gas,and bloating, you are not alone. Most of us could use  boost in fiber, and bananas are a win in that category as well. Have a banana with your morning coffee, and you will have much better regularity, another thing that makes you just feel better!

Make Your Brain More Alert

Wake up your mind anytime! Bananas are easy to grab on the go, so if you are feeling sluggish and having trouble thinking or communicating, or just feel sleepy when you need to be awake, have a banana break! You will feel vibrant and energetic! This is another great benefit of consuming potassium rich foods like the banana.

Provide Instant Energy

Athletes love the energy boost the carbohydrates in a banana give them before exercising. If you want to make gains and get stronger, leaner, faster, or whatever your goal is, you have to give it your very best. A banana provides a great steady energy and helps stabilize your blood sugar for a rocking workout. Hey! Since bananas are mood enhancers maybe you should eat one for workout motivation! 😉

Lower Blood Pressure

Potassium helps to keep your blood pressure where it should be, and it can even help lower your blood pressure should it creep up on you. Have yours checked at your yearly well exam to be sure you are in the healthy zone!

There are many ways to eat bananas! I love to freeze them and add to my morning green smoothie, along with kale, frozen berries, spinach and chia seeds. It’s so good and makes me feel great! The frozen pieces add creaminess and help make my smoothie as cold, creamy, and yummy as a milkshake, without all of the added sugar, since the sweetness in banana nutrition is satisfying and delicious! What are your favorite ways to eat your bananas?

Happy banana beautiful life!!!



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