Beautiful People

Beautiful People

beautiful peopleBeautiful people. How often do we hear that phrase? Oh, she is one of the beautiful people! The 50 most beautiful people of 2015! What is it that makes people beautiful? Surely our eyes are drawn to physical beauty. But one person’s idea of beauty can be completely different from another’s. One culture may find one thing attractive, while another culture my find that very thing unattractive. Some people prefer dark skin while others prefer light skin. Some prefer dark hair while others prefer blonde, or red, or some unnatural color. Some think lots of makeup is beautiful, while others prefer a more natural look. Some cultures prefer plump women, while others prefer thin. Some think tall is beautiful, while others prefer the petite. Some cultures worship youth, while others see the mature person as more beautiful.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

With so many different views of the qualities of beautiful people, so many different beauty quotes from so many different sources, what’s a girl to do? How can we find ourselves to be beautiful? It’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that’s a great relief, yet we all want to feel desirable. We all want to be loved. While it is great to care for our bodies, and to wear makeup if we want, it is the heart that has the power to possess true and lasting beauty. We can fix up, exercise, and eat right all we want to create a beautiful and strong body, but without the beauty of a kind, loving, and gentle heart, it is all in vain, because physical beauty can only go so far.

When you encounter beautiful people, sometimes they become more beautiful as you get to know them, because they have beautiful hearts as well. But sometimes their beauty just fades away because they have mean and selfish hearts that cause hurt and pain to others. A mean and selfish heart turns outer beauty almost invisible. The inner spirit of a person is worn in their countenance, heard in their words, and seen in their smile.

Have you ever used the phrase “she’s mean behind a smile?” These are the women who can’t truly have a kind word for anyone. They say cutting things to people while smiling. Yet the smile doesn’t make it to their eyes. I feel sorry for these beautiful people, because they have to be sad and miserable. It doesn’t ever make someone feel good to cut down another person, it only make them feel bad and guilty inside, and the negativity they bring takes everyone down with them.

Beautiful Woman

There is hope for this person to become on of the truly beautiful people. One of the many who have beautiful and kind hearts. The ones who look outside of themselves to the needs of others. A truly beautiful woman will give of herself without holding anything back to be others are cared for. She always has a kind and encouraging word, and will tirelessly listen to someone who needs to talk. She will give up time with the movers and shakers, to lift up the underdog and help the down trodden. She never hurts anyone with her words, whether to their face or behind their backs. Sometimes she find herself alone because she dose not participate in gossip and refuse to be a part of tearing someone down. She will never damage the reputation of another person, but is aways quick to offer a positive word. She is always happy and celebrates the success of others, without thought of herself. She is truly humble and selfless.

We all have a new start everyday, and with prayer and practice, we all have the capacity to become one of the beautiful people. It is a life long journey, and we will make mistakes and never be perfect, but there is great joy in the journey!

Happy beautiful life!


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