Beautiful Women

Beautiful Women

beautiful womenWhat are the qualities that define beautiful women? Beautiful women can come from all different backgrounds, heritages, countries, walks of life, and cultures. What one culture considers beautiful might vary from the next, but beautiful women are recognized as beautiful no matter where they go. What is it that draws us to beautiful women, regardless of our culture’s definition of beauty? Beautiful women have a magnetism that draws people in, and aside from physical looks, there is something that you just can’t quite put your finger on that takes them from being cute or hot to being beautiful. What is that extra something that beautiful women posses? And even more importantly, how can we attain the same thing? Let’s break down the qualities and attributes of beautiful women, and begin to understand how truly beautiful women reflect the beauty they have inside.

What is the secret ingredient that all truly beautiful women have? JOY!!


Have you ever met a woman who seemed to just glow from within? Her skin appeared iridescent, and her smile was bright and contagious, no matter how perfectly straight or white they may or may not have been. Imperfections on her face became adorable quirks, and wrinkles were only beautiful tells of a life of laughter and smiles. Why are all of these things so beautiful? Things that we normally perceive as flaws become so attractive to us when we look at this woman. What is it that changed the way we perceive this woman’s features? It is her joy! Joy is a beautiful quality, and the joy someone has inside becomes evident through her outer features. It’s almost as if her face shines with the inner light she possesses.

How can we get this inner joy? First of all, stop stressing over every detail of yourself! When you get trapped inside your own head worrying about your own insecurities, your joy is snuffed out. If you are constantly worrying about what others think, you will rob yourself of experiencing so much joy! Instead, turn your focus to the world and people around you, trying to find joy in everything.

This brings us to our next step, which is: change your perspective on life and the situations you are put in! If you allow your life to control your emotions, you will constantly be on a roller coaster ride of emotion. Believe it or not, you can control how you react to situations, struggles, and even daily annoyances! I don’t mean that you can control how you react publicly, like choosing to bite your tongue instead of snapping at someone. That is definitely a great start, but it doesn’t stop there! If you get yourself into the habit of finding the positive within a negative, or looking for the silver lining instead of focusing on the storm cloud in front of you, you will begin to experience true joy through all the ups and downs of life. Of course, your life is not perfect, and there will be times when you will feel sad or down, but in order to have true joy, you do not have to actually feel happy all the time. That would be unrealistic and impossible! The goal here is to simply take every opportunity to choose joy in every situation, and not to get in your own way of experiencing joy by self-criticizing, worrying about what others think, or missing out on fun opportunities due to self-doubt or stress.


What makes beautiful women beautiful, regardless of cultural influence, age, background, size, shape, and ethnicity? The simple answer is joy. Let your joy shine through, and don’t worry about any imperfections you may perceive your face or body to have! You are beautiful.

Enjoy being your joyful, true selves, beauties!!



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