To be thought of as beautiful is something we all long for and would all love to be. Beauty is more than skin deep. Isn’t that the old saying? Pretty is as pretty does. We’ve heard that one too. Yet it seems that there is so much emphasis placed on physical beauty that we girls feel a great deal of pressure to always look our best and to try and make our best better.


That seems like a strange statement coming from a makeup artist’s fan page and beauty site, doesn’t it? We too love beautiful things, and we think of you as beautiful. All of us possess the capacity to become more beautiful by applying the beauty tips on this website. While there is value in looking our best and there is much fun to be had in expressing ourselves through the way we dress, apply our makeup, the fitness and strength of our bodies, and our hair styles, there is much more to becoming truly beautiful. Let’s grow more beautiful together! Let’s create a warm community in which we can be free to express ourselves and help one another grow more beautiful mind, body, and spirit.


We here at want you to know that it is the inner beauty, the strength of your mind and spirit, the twinkle in your eye, the inner glow that exudes when you smile, the kindness and graciousness that you extend, that encouraging word that makes you truly beautiful. It is the brilliance of your thoughts, opinions, dreams, hopes, and resilience that show true beauty. When you empathize, help, counsel, and give of your time to help others, that is when your true beauty shines through. When you step aside so that another can have an opportunity, when you become selfless, humble, and a servant, what could be more beautiful? When you stand strong for what is right, even in the face of adversity, you are a beautiful site to behold. When you laugh at a joke, even if it’s not that funny, or extend a listening ear, you are beautiful. The saying that beauty is more than skin deep couldn’t be more true, and we want you to see yourself for the beautiful person that you are.


Have you ever noticed a beautiful girl and thought you would like to look like her? The greater question should be: would you want to be like her? The more beautiful the spirit, the more beautiful the person. You all know that pretty girl who is not so pretty once you get to know her. You also know that girl who becomes more beautiful with every passing day as you begin to discover her her inner beauty. The more beautiful the heart, the more beautiful the person.


Let’s have fun making our outer-selves more beautiful! It is fun! But if we want to find true joy in life and have a life worth living, let’s also turn our focus on our inner beauty and become more beautiful with each passing day!


Happy beautiful life!!


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