beautifullyYou are beautifully and wonderfully made. Yes, I am talking to you! :) Let those word sink in. Realize the truth in them. You, dear one, are beautifully and wonderfully made. You have potential, more than you yet know. You have a great purpose and reason for being on this earth. You are here to love and to be loved. You are here to grow and learn, to watch and to participate. You are here to see to the needs of others, and to nurture your own soul. You are here to have meaningful relationships filled with give and take. You are here because there is a plan for you and wonderful path laid out in front of you. You are here because you matter and you are important. You are here because you are loved. I know this is true, because I believe.

Beautifully meaning perfectly. Not meaning that you are perfect, because no one is. Not one single person. We can become better, though, and with every passing day we could move closer to being the person we want to be. It is a lifetime pursuit, but what a lovely adventure it is! When we mess up, and we will since we are frail humans, there is a new start. We would all love to be truly beautiful, and beauty is a worthy pursuit, especially the beauty of the heart. We have talked about the beauty of a kind heart, the beauty of a patient heart, and the beauty of a loving heart. The inner beauty emanating from the truly beautiful heart is a true and unmatched beauty. This is the beauty that deserves our time, attention, and discipline. It is a choice that we all can make. That’s right! We can all have gorgeously beautiful hearts!

Let’s look at another aspect of the truly beautiful woman. The wonder of a beautifully tamed tongue is undeniably one of the most amazing treasures to be found in a woman. Words can hurt, and words and heal. Words can destroy, and words can bring life. Words can build up, and words can tear down. Words can bring laughter, and words can bring tears. Words hold so much power that it seems we should be more easily able to control our tongues. Yet they seem to have a power of their own, you know? How many times have you spoken and then kicked yourself for days? I know I have! We all have.

How can we control our words and hold our tongues? It turns out that we are what we think in our hearts. Oh great! Here we go again! That beautiful heart thing. Haha. Well, it’s just true. If we want to be in control of what we say, then we need to be in control of what we think. If we spend our time thinking poorly of others, or of ourselves, that will come out in our words. If we harbor anger and resentment in our hearts, that will come out in our words. If we think bad words, they will make it out of our mouths. If we have hateful or spiteful thoughts, we might speak hateful and spiteful words. If we think negative thoughts, we will say negative things. The heart kind of pours out of the mouth.

All of us have fallen into these categories at some point, and said thing see wish we hadn’t, and that’s ok! Sometimes it feels that we harbor both Beauty and the Beast, doesn’t it? Especially around certain times of the month?; The great news is that our hearts can be changed! We can become new and learn to grow in beauty. Out of this new and changed heart will come new thoughts. We will have loving thoughts toward ourselves and others, so our words will become more loving. We will learn to have forgiving hearts, so out of our mouths will come forgiveness instead of blame. We can discipline our minds so that our thoughts will be pure, making our words pure. Instead of anger, we will harbor love, and our words will overflow with kinbeautifullydness. And when we mess up, we can ask forgiveness and move forward toward becoming the very best, most beautiful, beautifully made woman we can be.

You, sweet girl, are beautifully and wonderfully made.

Happy beautiful life!!


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