Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty-and-the-BeastThe tale as old as time, passed down through the ages, the romantic idea of the beauty and the beast. The story of the beautiful girl who falls in love with the beast, not knowing that he is the strong, handsome, yet spoiled, prince who has been changed into the beast by an evil spell. She falls in love with the man inside, and this true love tames the beast, changing his heart forever. Only true love breaks the evil spell and turns the beast back into the handsome prince. The man of her dreams. Yet she already knew he was the man of her dreams,even when he wasn’t wrapped in such a pretty package. She fell in love with his beautiful heart, transformed by her true love. Sigh! Isn’t that romantic?


Sometimes it’s so much fun to take a plunge into fantasy, get all romantic and gushy and girly,  and just go into full out princes mode, right Fandees? And what more beautiful princess could you become than the beautiful Belle, from Beauty and the Beast? She is strong, she is clever, she is brave, she has a true heart, and she can dance!:) Wouldn’t we all love to float around the dance floor in that beautiful flowing gown, held in the arms of our one true love? You know that sounds romantic:) So put on your prettiest ball gown and let Kandee Johnson show you how to transform yourself into this pretty princess before party time. Then go out and dance the night away!! You will definitely be the Belle of the ball! :)


Our favorite makeup artist has done it again! Her amazing makeup tutorial transformations are astounding! She can transform you into Belle, from beauty and the beast, in a quick minute!:) Kandee has even been featured on the Late Late Show, transforming James Coben into Barbie! You should see the unbelievable Barbie transformation she did on herself! You won’t believe your eyes! She looks just like Barbie!


This Belle princess look tutorial is even easy enough for the novice. Yay for less complicated! In a flash you will be perfectly princessed up, feminine, flawless, and fearless!

Watch and learn with Kandee!


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This Beauty and the Beast look is actually pretty easy and quick, and you really don’t need many supplies. You can probably get really close by using whatever you have on hand, but just to help you out, here is what Kandee used to make this particular Belle like look.



nude eyeshadow

lighter nude eyeshadow

light taupe shadow

light frosty golds and yellows eyeshadow

red brown eyeshadow

darker brown eyeshadow

brown eyeshadow

red brown pencil

black eyelash curler




dark eyebrow powder or gel



beautiful pink powder



beautiful rose color

a bit darker pink lip liner




liquid foundation

cream foundation for highlights



pretty rosy pink

darker pink liner

loose transluscent powder



optional step is false eyelashes on outer lashes.

Put on a beautiful Belle wig, or style your own beautiful hair in a Belle – like way, and have a magical, princessy, time.

Remember, you are beautiful and amazing, and we love our fellow Fandees!


Happy beautiful life!


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