Beauty Blender Pro Tips and Tricks

Beauty Blender Pro Tips and Tricks

beauty blender pro tips and tricksGuys, we have some great Beauty Blender Pro Tips and Tricks by Kandee Johnson! Ready to get your fiercely flawless on? Well, you have come to the right place for that!  Yep! Our lovely Kandee has done it again! She just continues to make our lives easier with her awesome beauty tips and beautiful makeup tutorials. Her sweet and bubbly spirit, which is one of the most attractive traits in women, just makes us feel happy and inspired!

It’s really great news that Kandee has given us this info on how to properly use the Beauty Blender, how to clean and care for the Beauty Blender, and why she thinks everyone needs to own one, because so many of you have been asking for this very information. Just so you know, Kandee is not paid to promote any product, including this one, though she is often given free makeup samples. She only promotes a product is if she truly likes it. That give us confidence when spending our hard earned money on new products. :)

One beauty tip that Kandee will give you when you meet her is to blend, blend, blend for the most beautiful natural makeup look. If you have ever met her, or if you ever do get to meet her, you will see that she really is as nice as she seems in her public personality. She loves to encourage, and you will walk away feeling beautiful and loved. That’s why we all love her, right?

Since the Beauty Blender has been your list of things to try, let’s get to this video of Beauty Blender Pro Tips and Tricks by Kandee Johnson and, as always, thank her by subscribing to her YouTube channel!

The reason we should use a sponge rather than a brush, is that the sponge application can help our foundation completely cover any imperfections we may have in our complexions. That is great news! Our faces are multidimensional, so there can be a need for filling in any divots or acne scars. The difference in sponge application versus using a brush is that the sponge gives a perfect, airbrushed, flawless finish, while the brush can leave brushstrokes.

The reason Kandee loves this sponge and recommends it over any other sponge she has tried, is that the Beauty blender is latex free, all natural, and the special formulation holds water (always use it wet), keeping the makeup on top and easily available to your skin.

Each one is handmade and will give you a perfectly flawless, airbrushed look.

How to use the Beauty Blender

Always wet before using – use the bounce and twist method demonstrated by Kandee at 2:32 on the video.

In Beauty Blender Pro Tips and Tricks, she tells us how to take care of the sponge. Cleaning and caring for our makeup brushes and sponges can be a pain, but it is important to kill the bacteria that can cause acne.

You can apply, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, bronzers, blush, and highlights. Using it to apply your powder gives you a dewy flawlessness that looks naturally beautiful. The black Beauty Blender sponge is stain resistant and can be used for a perfectly flawless self tanner application.

How to care for the Beauty Blender

  • Submerge into a glass of water
  • Let it soak overnight
  • Towel dry it the next morning


  • Use the the liquid cleanser or beauty bar as shown at 7:43 in the Beauty Blender Pro Tips and Tricks by Kandee Johnson
  • Dry on top of the container that it comes in, or in any open air place you have.

Kandee has a bunch of Beauty Blenders and uses them for everything. You can have her perfectly flawless look by following her amazing makeup tips.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial from Kandee and that you will subscribe to her YouTube channel. If you’re not already a Fandee, you will be soon!

Happy beautiful life!


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