beauty, kandee johnsonBeauty is truly a subjective word. We all have our own ideas of what is most beautiful to us. We are all attracted to different things. My idea of true beauty may be different from yours, but, in fact, my opinion does not negate yours, and yours doesn’t negate mine. Actually, our differences just open more possibilities for noticing and appreciating beauty.

A running¬†mountain brook, or the lulling ocean waves. A magnificent sunrise over the sand of the desert, or a splendid¬† sunset over flowered meadows. The smooth skin of a baby’s cheek, or the crinkles in your grandma’s smile. The sound of symphonic bliss, or the howling of the midnight owl. The color of the tropical sky, or the luscious grass beneath. Beauty is, and our preferences can’t alter it.

Rock, county, pop, classical, jazz,or Indie. Electronic dance or classical ballet. Opera or Broadway musical. Swing dance or ballroom. A cappella or fully orchestrated. Harmony or a single melody. All music and dance have a beauty all their own. We all have preferences in the arts, but we can’t declare for all mankind that is one more beautiful than the others. Beauty is subjective and we all have our preferences.

Blues eyes, brown eyes, blond hair, black hair, dark skin, or light skin. Green eyes, black eyes, red hair, silver hair, yellow skin, or brown skin. Short, tall, skinny, muscular, thick, or thin. There is beauty in every color, shape and size. No one is created in any way that is not pleasing to the Creator, so we can rest in that. Everyone is beautiful, and we should accept that beauty comes in many packages, and that we are wonderfully and perfectly made.

Love yourself. Embrace your own beauty and make the most of it, but don’t forget to develop your inner beauty. It is the heart that is the true spokesman of the beauty of the person. Be kind and forgiving. Offer words of encouragement and a tender pat on the back. Practice patience and humility. Consider others as more important than yourself. Help and encourage them. Be someone’s cheerleader. Your beauty will be blinding to them, because everyone needs a cheerleader.

Love others the same way you love yourself. Care for them and offer them good things. Good things like love, patience, kindness, and goodness. Practice self-control and know when to hold your tongue. Speak words of kindness because everyone needs a kind word. You will be amazed at the power of kindness. You can be a part of changing someone’s life for the better. There is no better feeling than being able to positively impact the life of another person.

Beauty truly is more than skin deep. Sometimes we can become entangled in the trap of physical beauty. Things can easily become out of balance, with way too much emphasis on all things physical. If you ask me, that is one of the biggest joy robbers in our lives. Together, we can begin to bring things into proper order, with the heart and mind being the focus of true beauty. We can take care of our bodies and present them to the best of our abilities, but the joy comes in developing the heart, mind, and spirit. The joy comes in loving others, and finding a purpose that is driven by your passion. The joy comes in thinking way beyond your size, shape, color, or perfectly shaped nose.

Humility is one of the biggest beauty markers a person can embrace. Let others lift you up. You lift others up. In lifting up others, you will begin to find true joy and happiness. You were wonderfully and perfectly made, so look inside and grow in true beauty.

Happy beautiful life!!



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