Before and After Makeup

Before and After Makeup

before-and-after-makeupOk Fandees, once again our beautiful Kandee shows us herself before and after makeup. I don’t know about you but I think she is completely gorgeous both ways, makeup or no makeup. She has a natural beauty that shines from within, from her beautiful and kind heart. It is so brave and so awesome that she is wiling to show her “before” self, every time she makes a video for us, so that we can see our own potential outer beauty. What I love even more about Kandee is her heart for all of us. She really wants us to understand that true beauty is the beauty of the heart, and the beautiful gift you can give through your beautiful smile.


Kandee is about so much more than makeup, though she loves getting all made-up and glamorous-feeling, just like all of the rest of us girls. Putting on your makeup and getting dressed helps you feel confident and ready to get out there and do stuff. But it is important to remember that makeup is just that – something you put on or something you wear. It should not define you or control your freedom. It is simply an enhancement of the natural beauty that every woman already posesses. Every woman is beautiful!

Your true sense of value needs to come from within. It is a spiritual matter of the heart. You can read a lot about the inner beauty of the heart, mind, and spirit on this website. Like Kandee, we are concerned about your whole self – mind, body, and spirit. While we too love make-up and love the difference in our own before and after makeup pix, we are working on our inner selves as well. It is the person who shines through the light in your eyes, your generous smile, the gentleness of your spirit, and the kindness of your heart. If the heart is not beautiful, all of the makeup in the world can’t mask it.


The great news is that we get a new start everyday, and if we have messed up, there is forgiveness and we can start from here. For me, it is the inner light of Jesus, who is my savior. Kindness and beauty go hand in hand, so practice using kind words and thinking kind thoughts. You will be uplifted by lifting up others. It just works that way, and it becomes a beautiful habit. Beauty is as beauty does. To be more beautiful, let your thoughts and actions become more beautiful. Think before you speak. Be certain that your words won’t harm, but will only help. Otherwise, just keep quiet. I know of many times I wish I had just kept quiet! I regret those times, but you know what? I have never, ever regretted offering kindness. Have you?

Kandee is a beautiful woman with a very kind heart. She is an example of selfless giving, and her heart is to see you on your perfect path. We are with her on that, so know that you are special, and that your dreams can come true. You are valuable, beautiful, and gifted. Be encouraged and go for your dreams.

Let’s watch and learn from Kandee’s beautiful before and after makeup tips video, and then subscribe! Give her lots of love!!

Be sure to watch through the end, for Kandee’s special message to you :)

Happy beautiful life!!!



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