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Top 10 Survival Tactics

Bullying is not a new crime, but it is a growing problem, with cyberbullying taking things to a whole new level. A bully can truly hurt and intimidate the victim, and sometimes do irreparable damage to the mental and longterm well being of the targeted person. Check out these bullying top 10 survival tactics after watching Kandee’s new post on cyberbullies. As a YouTube star, she has been on the receiving end of bullying, and she has some great insights to share.

Hate is awful and so many people love to leave hate filled comments on instagram, facebook, twitter, everywhere! I hope this helps are you with how to handle haters and their hurtful words that are really coming from a hurtful heart.
Remember it’s the wounded people that wound others, it’s the hurt people that hurt others because that is what’s happening in their heart.
You are awesome, precious, unique, loved and so worthy to be adored and treasured and don’t waste one second on the hate-charged thought of bitter and angry person! You go shine and be amazing in this world! I love you, Kandee

Bullying Top 10 Survival Tactics

  1. Try to ignore the remarks. Often a bully is trying to find an easy target for their mean words. If you can deflect the assaults by realizing that the bully has no real power in your life unless you give it to them. It is hard not to take the words to heart, but if you ignore the comments and pretend they have no effect on you one way or another, the bully may move on to someone who will react the way he or she hoped.
  2. Show the comments to someone you trust, like a parent, teacher, grandparent, or someone else that you can truly    trust. Don’t try to handle the situation on your own, and if you ever feel threatened in any way, call the police. Better safe than sorry.
  3. Remember that most people who say mean things are probably jealous of you in some way, and feel that if they can bring you down they will feel batter about themselves. Of course, we all know that the opposite is true. Being mean only brings sadness and depression. The pleasure of of saying hateful words is very short lived. Words are powerful, and once said they can’t be taken back.
  4. Take the high road and try to have compassion for the cyberbully. If you can show love to your enemy, perhaps you can win her over. Often times a bully is a sad, insecure, and lonely person. She may appear to have it all, but, unless she just an evil person, she has probably suffered pain in her life and needs to be shown that love is real.
  5. Realize that your value comes from who you are deep inside, and no one can take that away from you. Let mean words roll off of you and don’t let them take a hold on your life. Remember that only you can give a bully power in your life, and you can choose to let it go. Don’t engage with the bully. That will only make things worse. Let it go.
  6. People who have to bring others down usually feel bad about themselves. It’s best to ignore the comments, try to keep your chin up, and spend time with the supportive people in your life. They will lift you up, and theirs are words that can be trusted.
  7. Allow your beautiful heart to be full of love and hope. Fill your mind with good thoughts, your time with loving people, and your words with kindness. These things will only bring light and life into your life.
  8. Block all communications with the cyberbully so that they no longer have any room in your life. Focus on the good things in your life and let the bullying go.
  9. Start a trend of leaving up lifting comments. Others will think that you are awesome and will follow suit. Be a good leader and not a weak follower. Set the bar high and stick with it.
  10. Love always wins in the end. Good conquers evil and a positive attitude will make your life better! Go out and be the beautiful, loving, valuable, and precious person that you are.


Be happy and stay strong!

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