Cat Eye Makeup

Cat Eye Makeup

cat eye makeupHey babes! Ready to look fierce and flawless with that perfect cat eye makeup? Cat eye makeup is one of the most popular makeup looks, and for good reason! Nothing can make you feel bold and unstoppable quite like a dynamic cat eye. Let’s jump right in and walk through the simple steps to creating your own perfect cat eye makeup!


Creating your smooth base!

To begin your cat eye makeup look, you want to first prep your entire lid with a good, smudge-proof eye shadow base to give you a smooth canvas to pain over with your shadows and liner. Cat eyes have the tendency to run during the day, because they are heavily focused at the end corners of the eyes, which are prone to tearing or watering! To keep your cat eyes from running amuck, prime the lids with a waterproof, nude colored base before applying anything else.

You also want to go ahead and apply your face makeup, such as primer, foundation, concealer, and contour makeup before starting on your beautiful cat eye makeup. Make sure you apply your finishing powder to your face before heading to the eye makeup, because this will allow you to dust any flakes of shadow fallout that may occur right off of your cheeks without having to worry about accidentally rubbing off your face makeup.


Now that you have your lids primed and prepped for makeup, it’s time to start with a light to medium contour color!

  • Take a small eyeshadow brush, and load it up with a taupe color. It’s up to you whether you choose a lighter taupe or a more intense shade, depending on how dramatic of a look you want to go for. For a daytime cat eye, I would suggest sticking with light eyeshadow colors, but for nighttime, feel free to play it up simply by choosing deeper shades of the colors I give you to work with. Trace your taupe color along the outer shape of the ball of your eye, accentuating the crease. Focus the color on the outer third of the eye.
  • With a slightly darker neutral eyeshadow, go back over just the outer corner of the eyes. Focus on the outer crease, and extend the color to the outer third of the lower lash line.
  • Take a clean, fluffy shadow brush, and blend the two shades until the blend seamlessly together. Try not to over blend so that the colors disappear or mix into one shade. Keep them separate, but blend the edge of each color so that they blur together.


Time for the main event!! Grab your favorite black liners, because it’s time to create that perfect extended wing.

  • Take a black eye shadow, and with your angled eyeliner brush, trace the shape of the eyeliner that fits you best. When drawing your line shape, make sure you extend the tip out past your natural eyelid! This will be the factor that turns this eye makeup into a true cat eye makeup look.
  • Now that you have your basic shape outlined with the easily removable eye shadow, you can begin applying your less-forgiving eye liner products. Choose your favorite, most intensely black gel eyeliner. Load the gel up onto your angled eyeliner brush, and begin retracing your soft black eyeshadow line. Extend from the middle out, then go back in and trace toward the inner corner. Control the line weight by making your line grow thicker as you extend toward your wing, and flick the brush upward at the end so that your line extends past your lid in an upward slant. Cat eye makeup turns up at the end more sharply than regular eye makeup looks, so don’t be afraid to draw your liner out and up a bit more noticeably than usual!
  • This step is not necessary, but if you still want to intensify your cat eye makeup a bit more, take a stark black liquid liner, and go back over just the wing of your cat eye line. This will play up the cat eye effect even more!

Now you are all done! Don’t forget to dust a little bit more of your favorite finishing powder over your eyelids to really set in that cat eye makeup. After all, you worked so hard on this look— you don’t want it dripping down your face by the end of the night! Get out there and rock that glamorous feline-inspired eye, and feel the confidence!

Have fun playing up your features, beauties!



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