Contour Makeup

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Makeup Contouring

Makeup Contouring Wanting to amp up those makeup contouring skills? The latest in the art of makeup seems to require us to be actual artists if we want to look as glam and polished as everyone else seems. There is more to it than meets the eye, and I for one would never be able to pull of this beautiful… Read more →

5 contour makeup hacks, kandee johnson

5 Contour Makeup Hacks

5 Contour Makeup Hacks We all love that chiseled look that great contour makeup can provide, but seriously, most of us would love to know how to contour makeup with 5 contour makeup hacks. Those gorgeous contouring makeup tips can work magical wonders when you have the time, but on a day to day basis, it is great to let your… Read more →

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How to Contour Makeup

How to Contour Makeup Want to see an awesome makeup transformation that will show you what amazing things you can to do by learning how to contour makeup?  Contouring makeup is an art, and with the right contouring makeup kit, you can shadow and highlight you face to showcase your best features. With contour makeup (LINK0, you can even change… Read more →

contour makeup tutorial

Contour Makeup Tutorial

Contour Makeup Tutorial Want to apply contour makeup like a serious pro?? This makeup tutorial will have you feeling FIERCE and looking flawless! Even if you have to look like a crazy warrior chick for a little bit before blending. 😉 Hey, I said you would feel fierce, right? On our quest to learn how to use contour makeup like… Read more →

contour makeup

3 Contour Makeup Tips that Will Change Your Life!

3 Contour Makeup Tips that Will Change Your Life! Ready to take your contour makeup to the next level? Everyone is contouring these days, so stand out from the crowd by taking your contour makeup from average to on FLEEK with these 3 simple tips!! 1. Select Your Shade! First off, you’ll need the perfect shade of contour makeup. You… Read more →

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