Ready to channel your inner flappers, girls? The flapper girl is a trademark of fun, flirtatiousness, and self-expression through clothing, dance, and lifestyle. Dressing up as flappers to go out da, to go to a costume party, or as a Halloween costume can be a fun way to show your wild side! Flappers are the original rebel punk chicks. Instead… Read more →

flapper dress

Flapper Dress

Flapper Dress So you want to dress like a Flapper Girl in an authentic flapper dress while wearing your 1920s Flapper Makeup? Well, we have everything you need to know to pull off that feisty Flapper Girl of the Roaring 20s look. You may have something in your closet that you could use by just adding some beading and a few accessories.… Read more →

is makeup vanity

Is Makeup Vanity?

Is Makeup Vanity? Many women ask themselves the question, is makeup vanity? There is a lot of controversy out there surrounding the topic of makeup, with negative and positive opinions from both men and women. People have strong arguments regarding the use of makeup in modern day, and some feel that it is simply a way for vain women to… Read more →

80s makeup

80s Makeup

80’s Makeup! 80’s Makeup – wow! Those were the days of bold, loud, colorful everything! Colored eyeshadow, lots of liner, bold eyebrows, lots of blush, and bright lipstick. All at the same time! Plus foundation, foundation, foundation! It was complemented by big hair, big permed hair, and while it makes a fun costume look, I will be surprised if it… Read more →

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