how to lose a double chin, kandee johnson

How to Lose a Double Chin

How to Lose a Double Chin Hey beauties! Want to know how to lose a double chin? Let’s face it (no pun intended!): none of us likes to have that extra roll of softness poking out when we smile, laugh, or look down! Ever opened up front cam on accident? Absolutely horrifying! 😛 Maybe you would like to lose weight… Read more →

yoga poses basics

Yoga Poses Basics

Yoga Poses Basics Ready to dive into the yoga poses basics? When you begin your yoga fitness journey, it’s absolutely crucial to have a good strong base! This means that you need a firm understanding of the yoga poses BASICS for beginners before you can move on to advanced yoga poses. Grab your mats and let’s get started! First off,… Read more →

leg workouts for women

Leg Workouts for Women

Leg Workouts for Women It’s LEG DAY, ladies!!! Let’s talk about leg workouts for women who want to firm that butt, grow those quads, and strengthen those hammies! I will be letting you in on my personal leg workout routine, and going over some tough leg workouts for women at home and at the gym that will shape your legs into… Read more →

quick weight loss

Quick Weight Loss Tips

Quick Weight Loss Tips! Check out these quick weight loss tips to kick start your fat burning and get you to your ideal weight in no time! Are you ready to begin your weight loss journey? Maybe you’re brand new to the health and fitness world and you’re just looking for some fast weight loss tips to get you started. Or,… Read more →

good morning beautiful

Good Morning Beautiful

Good Morning Beautiful Good morning beautiful! Are you ready to see what great things this day holds for you? Are you excited about jumping out of bed, eating your healthy breakfast, getting your glam on, and heading out (or staying in) for a great and fulfilling day? Did you clock in your eight hours of refreshing sleep, after meticulously cleaning your… Read more →

bodybuilding forums

Bodybuilding Forums

Bodybuilding Forums Hey babes! Looking to get ‘swole?’ Bodybuilding forums can be a great place to look for advice, tips, and routines from other bodybuilders. If you have a question about building muscle, exercise, nutrition for bodybuilders, or anything related to bodybuilding, scrolling through bodybuilding forums can provide you with a wealth of information! What to use bodybuilding forums for:… Read more →

weight loss and fitness program

Weight Loss and Fitness Program

Weight Loss and Fitness Program Looking for a weight loss and fitness program that fits your goals and lifestyle? Start your very own weight loss exercise program today, and take your body to the next level! There are so many plans, diets, and workout programs out there to choose from, so here is how to select the weight loss plan… Read more →

health benefits gardening

Health Benefits Gardening

Health Benefits Gardening Hey babes! Want to know one of the secret health benefits gardening has to offer? Now, I’m not talking about getting outside and getting sweaty with yard work, although doing physical activity in the sunshine offers tons of benefits itself, but rather let you in on a little secret that’s been really working for me: indoor gardening.… Read more →

a plan to lose weight fast

A Plan to Lose Weight Fast

A Plan to Lose Weight Fast Everyone wants a plan to lose weight fast, but there are so many questions to be answered before starting a new program that sometimes it can seem too daunting to even begin! How fast is too fast? Will rapid weight loss be maintainable? Is rapid weight loss even possible for me? Well, fear no… Read more →

ab exercise machine

Ab Exercise Machine

Ab Exercise Machine Hey beastie beauty babes! Hitting the gym for that hard-core ab workout? You can do it! Put on that beast mode attitude, pop in your earbuds, turn on your tunes, and get it! Whether you pack that six pack in plain view, or under a little womanly softness, it’s not necessarily weight loss, but the strength of… Read more →

yoga simple practice

Yoga Simple Practice

Yoga Simple Practice Yoga simple practice. Ahh! Just the word “simple” is relaxing to us on-the-go girls. The world we live in can demand so much. We do all we can to meet those demands, don’t we? We love to give of ourselves and use and fully develop our gifts and talents to help better our lives and the lives of those… Read more →

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