Inner Beauty



Beautiful To be thought of as beautiful is something we all long for and would all love to be. Beauty is more than skin deep. Isn’t that the old saying? Pretty is as pretty does. We’ve heard that one too. Yet it seems that there is so much emphasis placed on physical beauty that we girls feel a great deal… Read more →

Inner Beauty, 10 things that make a woman beautiful survey by the men in our lives

Top 10 Traits of a Beautiful Woman Survey

Top 10 Traits of a Beautiful Woman: Survey The Top 10 Traits of a beautiful Woman Survey says – wait for it – inner beauty for the win!!! We surveyed real men and they gave us real answers! Really great answers as it turns out, because though they appreciate our efforts to be physically attractive, it is the heart, soul,… Read more →

cat makeup, kandee johnson

Cat Makeup

Cat Makeup! Want to look like a cute kitty on Halloween? Cat makeup is a must for any kitten-inspired costume. It’s super great for a last minute costume, because cat makeup is pretty easy to pull off when you decide that you WILL go to that Halloween party after all! You know what I’m talking about! We’ve all been there, when… Read more →