Mac Makeup

mac flamingo park collection, kandee johnson

Mac Flamingo Park Collection

Mac Flamingo Park Collection The new Mac Flamingo Park Collection is almost here! Hold onto your purses, girls, because these beautiful shades of pink makeup are going to be singing the siren song like never before. Once you lay eyes on these beauties, all of your New Year’s resolve could melt away in a pink popsicle puddle of lipsticks and… Read more →


Mac Makeup

Mac Makeup There you are, weaving your way through the crowds of mall-perusing women, the puffs of sample perfumes being sprayed into the air all around you, the clusters of middle schoolers with their mocha frappes, and frazzled moms corralling their children and bumping their way through the masses with their doublewide baby strollers, when you see it: a glimmering… Read more →

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