Makeup Looks

Makeup Looks

lip tattoos, kandee johnson

Lip Tattoos

Lip Tattoos Ready to get your sparkly lip tattoos broken in for that moment under the mistletoe, or that special kiss to ring in the new year? Kiss tattoos? Yep! It’s that holiday season, and time to get out on your glam for your party makeup looks! What could be more fun than sparkly, jeweled, shining, and fiercely fabulous luscious lips? Check out… Read more →

amazing makeup transformations, kandee johnson

Amazing Makeup Transformations

Amazing Makeup Transformations You have got to see these amazing makeup transformations by Kandee Johnson! She goes from girl to cartoon pop art painting girls right before your very eyes! It’s just fun to watch, so here you go! Isn’t that cool! Kandee has quickly risen in the world of amazing makeup transformations. She even got to transform the Late Late… Read more →

makeup transformations, kandee johnson

Makeup Transformations

Makeup Transformations Kandee Johnson has just released one of her craziest makeup transformations ever! She is a true artist, and her gorgeous face has been the canvas for one makeup transformation after another! It’s truly amazing how she can contour and change the shape of her face to look like another person. Sometimes she looks more like the famous person… Read more →

makeup for brown eyes, kandee johnson

Makeup for Brown Eyes

Makeup for Brown Eyes Want a beautiful makeup for brown eyes tutorial? Well, here you go! This gorgeous brown smokey eye tutorial by Kandee Johnson is soft, alluring, and timeless. You will feel feminine and romantic every time you wear it. This is a beautiful brown smokey eye,and it will be pretty and flattering to any eye color. Any girl… Read more →

flapper hairstyles

Flapper Hairstyles

Flapper Hairstyles 1920s flapper makeup was accompanied and set-off by the 1920s flapper hairstyles. The young lady known as a “flapper” by disapproving older women was usually a single, urban, middle class woman who was bucking the system. She wanted to become the modern woman, equal to the modern man. She took on the traits of her male counterpart, engaging in sexual experimentation, smoking, drinking,… Read more →

flapper girl

Flapper Girl

Flapper Girl Are you ready to rock that 1920’s Flapper Makeup by becoming a true flapper girl? She was wild! She was free! She went to crazy parties! She smoked! She drank! She danced! (gasp!) She wore lots of makeup, and even applied it in public! (double gasp!) Her hair was cut short and sassy, and her personality matched that… Read more →

wedding makeup looks

Wedding Makeup Looks

Wedding Makeup Looks When it comes to your wedding makeup, you may want to choose between several wedding makeup looks. Your big day comes with so many choices! First, you have to choose your groom! 😉 Then you have to choose your venue, your menu, your guest list, your invitations, your flowers and decorations, your budget, (yikes!), your attendants, your… Read more →

cat makeup, kandee johnson

Cat Makeup

Cat Makeup! Want to look like a cute kitty on Halloween? Cat makeup is a must for any kitten-inspired costume. It’s super great for a last minute costume, because cat makeup is pretty easy to pull off when you decide that you WILL go to that Halloween party after all! You know what I’m talking about! We’ve all been there, when… Read more →

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