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red plumped lips, kandee johnson

Red Plumped Lips

Red Plumped Lips Tis the season of the red plumped lips. Red hot lips with the look of lip injections are all the rage. Why not try them on for yourself? Those Kylie Jenner lips are everywhere on social media, and it’s no secret that many girls are giving that look a shot. Shot glass that is. The effect is… Read more →

lip plumper, kandee johnson

Lip Plumper Top 5

Lip Plumper How to Get Plumped Lips This lip plumper how to get plumped lips video from Kandee Johnson to the rescue, just in time for that special kiss beneath the mistletoe or that midnight smooch to ring in the new year! Those plumped up lips will be irresistible! Here is one of Kandee’s favorite ways to plump your lips without resorting… Read more →

prom makeup tips and tutorial, kandee johnson

Prom Makeup Tips and Tutorial

Prom Makeup Tips and Tutorial Prom is right around the corner and these prom makeup tips and tutorial are meant to help you choose the best foundation for prom pictures. This makeup foundation tutorial is also great for you wedding makeup. The contour makeup and full coverage flawless foundation will have you looking perfectly glam all night long. Every girl… Read more →

gwen stefani urban decay interview, kandee johnson

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Interview

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Interview Wait until you see this Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Interview that Kandee Johnson got to do! An exclusive one on one interview about Gwen’s new Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Palette that just released on November 22!! It is gorgeous and can be your one stop shop beautiful Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. In this fun and… Read more →


Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening         How to Whiten Teeth Teeth whitening is one of the very best makeup tips we can give you. That smile of yours can really pack a punch when your teeth are as white as can be! Actually, if you have a beautiful white, bright, happy smile, makeup is very secondary. You just won’t need much… Read more →

how to whiten teeth, kandee johnson

How to Whiten Teeth

How to Whiten Teeth One of the best makeup tips we can give you is to teach you how to whiten your teeth. Nothing is more beautiful than a glowing white toothed smile. Your smile tells a lot about your personality, so why not try the best teeth whitening available for your budget? One of the whitest and prettiest smiles around belongs… Read more →

makeup for prom, kandee johnson

Makeup for Prom

Makeup for Prom When it comes to your makeup for prom, you will want to have just the right look to go with your dress and your personality. Your prom makeup will be preserved in a gazillion pictures, and videos, so you will want to check out lots of prom makeup ideas. Your prom eye makeup should make sure that those… Read more →


Makeup Dresser

Makeup Dresser If you are looking for a makeup dresser that will fill the role of a makeup vanity in your bedroom or bathroom, while giving you a place to sit and make yourself even more beautiful than you already are, then look no further! We have a makeup vanity for every budget. We even have some ideas of easy ways you… Read more →

makeup tips for brown eyes, kandee johnson

Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

                     Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes When it comes to makeup tips for brown eyes, you really have a lot of choices in the eye makeup colors you can wear. Sometimes people with brown eyes wish for a more “interesting” eye color, like green or blue, or hazel. While all of… Read more →

eyeliner ideas for prom, kandee johnson

Eyeliner Ideas for Prom

Eyeliner Ideas for Prom Guys, I have one the best eyeliner ideas for prom ever! Ever you say? Yes ever! May I introduce to you the fabulous THEY’RE REAL PUSH-UP GEL EYELINER from the makeup brand, Benefit. We love this eyeliner! It’s stay put power will last without a smudge, no matter how much you dance or how late you stay… Read more →

makeup bag

What’s in My Makeup Bag?

What’s in My Makeup Bag? Hey babes! Wanna know what’s in my makeup bag? I like to keep one makeup travel bag with me at all times, for on-the-go! At home I have my makeup organizer with my larger palettes and products that I swap out for every now and then, but I like to keep my makeup essentials with… Read more →

prom makeup ideas

Prom Makeup Ideas

Prom Makeup Ideas It’s never too early to start working on your prom makeup ideas! Most girls look forward to their prom from the time they are little girls watching all of the older girls shopping and prepping for their big night. Prom is a huge part of your high school experience, and you will want to feel your beautiful best as… Read more →

pirate makeup

Pirate Makeup

Pirate Makeup Yo-ho, Yo-ho, it’s pirate makeup for me… 😉 Ahoy maties! Are ye ready for this pirate  transformation from Kandee Johnson? Who doesn’t love a great Captain Jack Sparrow costume? And who doesn’t love Kandee? Yes me lassies, it turn out even the female types can become a beautiful Jack Sparrow for your next costume party. Start practicing your… Read more →

beauty blender pro tips and tricks

Beauty Blender Pro Tips and Tricks

Beauty Blender Pro Tips and Tricks Guys, we have some great Beauty Blender Pro Tips and Tricks by Kandee Johnson! Ready to get your fiercely flawless on? Well, you have come to the right place for that!  Yep! Our lovely Kandee has done it again! She just continues to make our lives easier with her awesome beauty tips and beautiful… Read more →

makeup tips

Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips 4 Secret Makeup Tips for that perfectly polished wow-factor! Hey babes! Looking for easy, GAME-CHANGER makeup tips to simplify and renew your routine? These makeup tips can take your look from slouchy to savvy in 4 simple steps. Ready to level up your look for effortless beauty? Let’s get started! 1. Your NEW concealed weapon! Forget foundation, try spot… Read more →

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