vanity dresser with mirror

Vanity Dresser with Mirror

Vanity Dresser with Mirror Every girl would love to have her very own makeup vanity dresser with mirror. Sitting in front of that mirror, creating her makeup look of the day, her mind wandering through her hopes and dreams, and perhaps giving herself a little pep talk before she heads out to see what the day will bring. Her makeup… Read more →

prom makeup

Prom Makeup

Prom Makeup It’s that exciting time of year when many of you are beginning the quest for your beautiful prom makeup ideas!! I remember all of the angst, waiting to see if that one special boy would ask me to be his date, or if I might rather go with my group of besties and just have a really great… Read more →

makeup vanity

Makeup Vanity

Makeup Vanity When we decided to build our white farmhouse, one of the main things I desired to have was a built in makeup vanity with a mirror in the master bathroom. I have always been a hopeless romantic and severely nostalgic, so the idea of a makeup vanity that resembled those of past generations was somehow very appealing to… Read more →

bare minerals foundation

Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation

Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation When it comes to Bare Minerals Foundation, the choices are many. They have several kinds of foundations, and up to 20 shade choices so that you can find your perfect match! Easy breezy! I love it when makeup can be easy. I don’t know about you, but sometimes stepping into one of my favorite makeup stores can… Read more →

bare minerals

Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals Looking for information on Bare Minerals makeup? We were curious ourselves, since we have used this brand of makeup in the past. We did love it, but since we are makeup bloggers, we feel we owe it to you, our beauty babes, to try things for ourselves before we recommend them to you. We do deep research on… Read more →

american beauty standards

American Beauty Standards

American Beauty Standards American beauty standards are different from other cultural beauty standards around the world. So what exactly defines American beauty? Standards of American beauty tend to focus on features like clear, tan skin, high cheekbones, big lips, mature eyes, and straight, white teeth. While many of these standards are similar in other countries, some are looked at very… Read more →

NYX makeup

NYX Makeup

NYX Makeup Ever tried a NYX makeup product? I can’t walk into Ulta without stopping by the NYX aisle and checking out what steals there might be! NYX Cosmetics is a fantastic brand of affordable yet HIGH quality makeup! NYX Makeup Reviews!! I cannot get enough of NYX makeup products for the lips!! I have severely of the retractable lip liners,… Read more →

free makeup

Free Makeup

Free Makeup Who doesn’t love getting free makeup?! There are few things that give you the same warm, fuzzy feeling that receiving a free makeup gift gives you. Whether a makeup artist is applying free makeup to your face in a store or at a makeup counter, or you find a free makeup sample in a catalog, or you receive… Read more →



Makeup Makeup: the ultimate form of self-expression. Why do women wear makeup? Is it because we think we are ugly? Because we have low self-esteem without it? Is it simply a society norm with no meaning whatsoever? Or is there something more to it, something deeper than impressing our peers with superficial beauty. Makeup is a form of art where… Read more →

Free Makeup Samples

Free Makeup Samples

Free Makeup Samples Who doesn’t love free makeup samples? After all, we work hard for our money, right? We do try to budget and save, but, oh my goodness, how those beautifully packaged products with such desirable promises do endlessly tempt us, don’t they? Everywhere we go, we see and hear how this new mascara will make our eyelashes longer… Read more →

kat von d makeup

Kat Von D Makeup

Kat Von D Makeup Ok girls, we all need a beautiful look that will lock in for an occasional (or not so occasional) 18 to 24 hour flawless day, so it’s Kat Von D Makeup to the rescue! Her amazing Lock it Tattoo line will have you looking your glowing best for a full 24 hours with no touch ups… Read more →

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