Natural Makeup

what's inside this makeup box

Whats Inside this Makeup Box

Whats Inside this Makeup Box Whats inside this makeup box? Kandee Johnson has two amazing announcements to make in this video! You will be so excited once you watch and hear! Plus, she is just so cute and fun, so you will enjoy the whole thing! Kandee is such a light to all of us. She understands first hand what… Read more →

makeup vanity dresser

Makeup Vanity Dresser

Makeup Vanity Dresser What girl hasn’t dreamed of her very own makeup vanity dresser? Watch any girly movie, and the favorite main character brushes her hair in front of her makeup vanity, while various thoughts and emotions crosses her lovely face. Disney princesses, cartoon characters, the glamorous women of the old movies, you name it. The makeup vanity has been… Read more →

natural makeup

Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup It’s all about that natural beauty, babes!! Let’s talk about natural makeup, and what you can do to achieve that #iwokeuplikethis flawless face. 😉 5 steps to creating PERFECT natural makeup!! 1. Natural complexion Step number one, conceal to DEEMPHASIZE, not to HIDE. When applying foundation and concealer normally for a full-makeup look, we tend to try and… Read more →

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