best gluten free snacks, kandee johnson

Best Gluten Free Snacks

Best Gluten Free Snacks   Okay babes, these have to be some of the best gluten free snacks out there! This delicious and simple recipe will have you drooling, and the best part is, they fit into your nutrition plans! That’s right: it’s completely guilt-free!! Yummy gluten free snack ideas can be hard to come by, especially when you are… Read more →

gluten free crackers recipe, kandee johnson

Gluten Free Crackers Recipe

Gluten Free Crackers Recipe Oh my goodness! If you are gluten free, like I am, and you are tired of tasteless boxed versions, then get ready to be excited! This gluten free crackers recipe is about to set your tastebuds afire with happiness! Seriously, if you are gluten free, then you know what I am talking about when I say… Read more →

vegan pizza recipes, kandee johnson

Vegan Pizza Recipes

Vegan Pizza Recipes Healthy Recipes, Veggie Pizza, Powered By Incline We know that sometimes a girl just needs a little comfort food. Some delicious piping hot pizza and a chick flick can solve just about any problem! We also know that sometimes the next morning the bloat from that pizza can be a drag, so why not try this awesome… Read more →

how to make a smoothie, kandee johnson

How to Make A Smoothie

How to make a smoothie Want to know how to make a smoothie? Well look no further! We have got a great healthy protein smoothie for you that you can have for your breakfast or even your post workout meal. I love to have my protein smoothie for breakfast and I love to fill it full of great things like… Read more →

vegetable pizza recipe, kandee johnson

Vegetable Pizza Recipe

Vegetable Pizza Recipe Looking for a delicious vegetable pizza that meets your fitness and nutrition goals, and is also vegan and gluten free? Well look no further! We’ve got you covered with this amazing healthy pizza recipe that will have your tastebuds singing! Veggie pizza never tasted so good! Vegetable Pizza Recipe Healthy Recipes, Veggie Pizza, Powered By Incline It’s… Read more →

green smoothie recipes, kandee johnson

Green Smoothie Recipes

 Green Smoothie Recipes Getting your greens is something you know you should do, and these terrific green smoothie recipes taste so good that your taste buds will be begging for more! I know that sometimes the taste can be rather grassy, especially if you include lots of kale in your green smoothie. I love to pack my smoothies with kale and… Read more →

strawberry banana smoothie recipe, kandee johnson

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe   Strawberry banana smoothie deliciousness is undeniably one of the favorite recipes of all time when it comes to the world of smoothies. The flavor combination is a mouthwatering burst of fruity sweetness, combined with the perfect, slight tartness contained in even the sweetest of strawberries. A fruity explosion that will blow your taste buds away!… Read more →

coconut oil uses, kandee johnson

Coconut Oil Uses

Coconut Oil Uses Coconut oil uses  are being touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread. For years we were told that coconut oil is bad for you and that it will clog your arteries and kill you. Well, maybe not quite that harsh, but you get the picture. Never in a million years would I have thought that coconut… Read more →

Lemon Water Weight Loss Recipe

Lemon Water Weight Loss Recipe This lemon water weight loss recipe is the second part of my morning healthy eating routine. Does drinking lemon water help you lose weight? While I can’t say that for certain, I can say that it has made great difference in my own health and has been a part of a 15 pound weight loss… Read more →

cinnamon roll recipe, kandee johnson

Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Cinnamon Roll Recipe Having a craving and needing a great cinnamon roll recipe to go with that deliciously decadent cup of hot chocolate? Well, we’ve got you covered for the best heart-shaped cinnamon rolls recipe that will put a smile on your face! Share the sugary sweetness with those you love, and you will see that smile spread from face to… Read more →

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Starbucks Frappuccino

Starbucks Frappuccino The Starbucks Frappuccino menu is huge! Including the seasonal drinks, the Starbucks Frappuccino menu has a grand total of 50 items, most of which have a calorie count that may surprise you. In case you didn’t know, the word “Frappuccino” is an invention of the Starbucks company, a combination of the words “frozen cappuccino.” It all started, however, in Los… Read more →

homemade hot chocolate, kandee johnson

Homemade Hot Chocolate

Homemade Hot Chocolate Today is the perfect day for homemade hot chocolate! You can buy all kinds of instant hot chocolate that’s ready to stick in a microwave or pour hot water over, but none of it will beat a smooth, steaming mug of homemade hot chocolate (or as many of you may call it, hot cocoa) with a handful… Read more →

steak and shake menu nutrition, kandee johnson

Steak and Shake Menu Nutrition

Steak and Shake Menu Nutrition Steak and Shake menu nutrition is probably not as good as you might be hoping for, since those terms actually may not even belong together in the same sentence to begin with! The Steak ’n Shake menu is pretty big, but not too varied in scope of items. We’re happy to bring you some nutritional information for… Read more →

hot cocoa, kandee johnson

Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa Ho ho ho! Hot cocoa time is here, and to add to the cheer we are going to go full out, with over the top, no holds barred, sugary, creamy, chocolatey, fat full whipped hot chocolate! Cheat day to the max, and we are going to love it! No diet, no guilt, no measuring! Just total Yum!  After… Read more →

hot chocolate recipe, kandee johnson

Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hot Chocolate Recipe Here is a great Paleo hot chocolate recipe that will delight your senses and help you watch your waistline! What? Decadent, creamy, rich hot chocolate, full of fabulous nutritious goodness that won’t stick your middle? It turns out you can have your hot cocoa and drink it too! How is this possible, you might ask. Isn’t all… Read more →

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Starbucks Calories

Starbucks Calories Okay, so you’re in line to get your favorite drink at Starbucks and start wondering, “just exactly how many Starbucks calories are we talking about here?” “Am I actually choosing something healthful, or am I just being tricked into thinking it’s good for me?” Well, for starters, Starbucks is not into “tricking” you into anything. In fact, they pretty much… Read more →

starbucks menu nutrition, kandee johnson

Starbucks Menu Nutrition

Starbucks Menu Nutrition All things considered, Starbucks menu nutrition is not too bad! If you’re like me – trying to eat healthy, considering calories and sugar and fat and all that stuff, you could do a lot worse than Starbucks. Most fast food has terrible nutritional value, and is just not good for you. When we say “nutrition,” we generally mean… Read more →

hot chocolate, kandee johnson

Hot Chocolate

                               Hot Chocolate The leaves are falling, the blustery north winds are blowing, the smell of fall is in the air, and it’s the perfect time for a cup of hot chocolate! At last, you can come in from a refreshing brisk walk in the cool… Read more →

starbucks nutrition facts, kandee johnson

Starbucks Nutrition Facts

Starbucks Nutrition Facts There are so many options at Starbucks that trying to address all Starbucks Nutrition Facts in one place is a little daunting. And you probably wouldn’t want to read every description on every drink they offer and all about how healthy or unhealthy each one is for you anyway! So here’s what we’re going to do: What do most… Read more →

does drinking lemon water help you lose weight, kandee johnson

Does Drinking Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight

Does Drinking Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight   Does Drinking Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight? That is one of our most asked questions when it comes to health and fitness. Does lemon water help you lose weight? The answer is that it definitely can when combined with other healthy habits. The best sure way to lose weight is… Read more →

steak and shake menu, kandee johnson

Steak and Shake Menu

Steak and Shake Menu The Steak and Shake menu is big – and I mean really big. To be precise, as of this writing, it has nearly 275 different items. And even more than that, if you count blended milkshakes that you design yourself. That’s a lot of Steak ’n Shake! The important thing to remember as you look over the… Read more →

starbucks breakfast menu, kandee johnson

Starbucks Breakfast Menu

Starbucks Breakfast Menu The Starbucks breakfast menu is something you’re probably a little familiar with; at least, if you’re alive and breathing! Most of us have stopped by the ubiquitous Starbucks once or twice at breakfast time, at the very least – every day for many of us! And there’s nothing wrong with Starbucks! I don’t mind saying that I… Read more →

quinoa recipes for kids

Quinoa Recipes for Kids

Quinoa Recipes for Kids Quinoa recipes for kids seem to be a little hard to come by, but they really shouldn’t be. Just because it happens to be one of the healthiest foods in the world doesn’t mean you have to tell your kids, does it? Quinoa Nutrition It seems like everyone has gone crazy for quinoa lately, but you… Read more →

quinoa breakfast recipes, kandee johnson

Quinoa Breakfast Recipes

Quinoa Breakfast Recipes Quinoa breakfast recipes are one of the best ways to eat quinoa; and quinoa happens to be one of the best foods you could ever eat! Three or four thousand years ago the Incas discovered that not only was this amazing seed edible, but it was also packed with nutrients; to the point that it obviously gave their… Read more →

quinoa salad recipe, kandee johnson

Quinoa Salad Recipe

Quinoa Salad Recipe We’ve been promising you guys a delicious quinoa salad recipe, so here it is! In case you’re not even sure what quinoa is, allow me to introduce you to one of nature’s most powerful superfoods! Quinoa (keen-wah) is a unique food: it seems like a grain, but it’s really a seed; it can be made into flour,… Read more →

quinoa recipe, kandee johnson

Quinoa Recipe

Quinoa Recipe Here’s a great new quinoa recipe for you to try: Coconut Quinoa! Every day, new findings are being published about the amazing healthiness of quinoa nutrition, and how we should all eat it every day of our lives and we’ll be healthier & live longer. Well, to be honest, that’s not much of an exaggeration, if at all.… Read more →

quinoa recipes, kandee johnson

Quinoa Recipes

Quinoa Recipes Quinoa recipes are some of the most sought-after recipes, since this “new fad” of quinoa is just starting to gain momentum (quote marks = sarcasm!). In reality though, quinoa is nothing new. It’s been around for centuries, and many ancient civilizations knew the power and value of this superfood called Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah). The list of health benefits is… Read more →

how to cook quinoa, kandee johnson

How to Cook Quinoa

How to Cook Quinoa Quinoa is one of the world’s greatest superfoods, so if you know how to cook quinoa well, you’re in position to take advantage of some of the best nutrition that nature has to offer! What is Quinoa? Quinoa, (pronounced keen-wah) is not exactly a grain, like most people think. It’s really a seed from a beet-like… Read more →

quinoa nutrition carbs

Quinoa Nutrition Carbs

Quinoa Nutrition Carbs If you’re trying to find out more about quinoa nutrition carbs, then you’re probably interested in eating healthily. Good job! And it turns out that you have stumbled upon one of the most amazing super-foods in the world – quinoa! Does Quinoa Have Carbs? Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) has so many health benefits that it’s going to be hard… Read more →

steak and shake shakes

Steak N Shake Shakes

Steak N Shake Shakes There must be something about Steak N Shake shakes that’s different from the rest of the menu; or different from everyone else’s menu, apparently. They must be great, right? I mean, they did make top billing, in the restaurant’s NAME! And there are over 500 Steak N Shakes in the U.S. So, let’s dig into the… Read more →

steak n shake menu nutrition

Steak N Shake Menu Nutrition

Steak N Shake Menu Nutrition Hello beautiful people – let’s check out some Steak N Shake Menu Nutrition, and see what kind of delicious, fulfilling, amazingly healthy stuff we can find to eat! Well, like they say – 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. I’ve researched pretty much every item on Steak N Shake’s menu, and there’s not much there… Read more →

steak and shake nutrition

Steak and Shake Nutrition

Steak and Shake Nutrition If you’re looking for Steak and Shake nutrition information, you’ve come to the right place! Steak and Shake is a popular fast-food restaurant chain that you’ll find in many cities across America, and there’s a reason they’re popular – it’s delicious! But delicious does not always translate into healthy, and no matter whose menu you’re perusing, smart… Read more →

steak and shake breakfast menu

Steak and Shake Breakfast Menu

Steak and Shake Breakfast Menu It’s a brand new day with brand new possibilities, but before you run out the door this morning for a big fast-food breakfast (or even a small one), let’s talk a little about the Steak and Shake Breakfast Menu. The current menu is 4 pages long, and looks delicious! And breakfast is the most important meal of the… Read more →

nutritious quinoa breakfast recipe

Nutritious Quinoa Breakfast Recipe

Nutritious Quinoa Breakfast Recipe We’ve already discussed the amazing quinoa nutrition facts, so I thought you might like to have my favorite nutritious quinoa breakfast recipe! One breakfast dish that I also crave for lunch , dinner, and snacks! I am addicted to the chewy, nutty, slightly sweet and salty, amazingly satisfying goodness! Part of the beauty of this dish… Read more →

steak n shake

Steak n Shake Nutrition

Steak n Shake Nutrition So many of you guys have asked us about Steak and Shake Nutrition that I just have to answer your questions. It’s pretty interesting that the most nutrition questions we get are from our lovely readers asking nutrition facts from all of the fast food restaurants. That’s a good thing, since most people are grabbing quick and… Read more →

watermelon nutrition

Watermelon Nutrition

Watermelon Nutrition Looking for some juicy watermelon nutrition information and nutrition facts before biting into that refreshing, sweet treat? Well, look no further! In fact, go ahead and enjoy that yummy delight. There is so much goodness packed into that juicy fruit, that you can enjoy it now, and read this later! In fact, watermelon is so full of water that… Read more →

what is a healthy diet for women

What is a Healthy Diet for Women

What is a Healthy Diet for Women Hey guys! Wondering what is a healthy diet for women? With all of the resources at our fingertips, and the countless articles from who knows where with all sorts of different opinions, it can be rather overwhelming for a person who is looking for straight answers. Sometimes it’s hard separating the rubbish (ever… Read more →

mango nutrition

Mango Nutrition

Mango Nutrition So you’d like to know about mango nutrition?  Turns out that mango fruit nutrition has given it the right to be crowned king of the fruits. That’s a pretty big deal when you consider all of the amazing fruits that grow all over the world. The mango was cultivated in India, but this terrific tropical fruit has found… Read more →

smoothie recipe

Smoothie Recipe

Smoothie Recipe Smoothie recipe anyone? One of the best ways to start you day with a perfectly packed nutritional punch is with – tada!! –  green smoothie, a fruit smoothie, or a green fruity smoothie. Pack it with protein and you have a nutritional powerhouse! Better skin, better strength, better muscle, better energy,better health, and a positive attitude, are but a blender… Read more →

organic foods clean

Are Organic Foods Clean?

Are Organic Foods Clean Automatically? Hey fit friends! When people find out I’m gluten-free, the first thing they often say to me is “oh, do you do that as a diet?” At this point I want to respond by pointing out all of the gluten free donuts, chips, cookies, and cakes that are available! One common misconception people have about… Read more →

healthy breakfast recipes

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Healthy Breakfast Recipes Hey babes! Need some healthy breakfast recipes? We’ve heard it all our lives, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After 8 or more hours of not eating, your body needs to literally “break its fast” in order to restart your metabolism and get you set up for a day of fat burning, muscle building,… Read more →

brown rice nutrition

Brown Rice Nutrition

Brown Rice Nutrition What’s the low-down on brown rice nutrition? Brown rice is a nutritionally dense whole grain food that is packed with essential vitamins for the body. Brown rice nutrition contains many micronutrients that your body needs, including several important vitamins that are tricky to get elsewhere! Ready to discover the amazing qualities of brown rice nutrition? Let’s break… Read more →

chicken breast nutrition

Chicken Breast Nutrition

Chicken Breast Nutrition There is great value to be had in including chicken breast nutrition as a part of your healthy and fit diet plan. Great news guys! Turns out your favorite chicken breast option is good for you!! Not only can you have chicken in a variety of ways that can keep your meals from the same old drab… Read more →

celery nutrition

Celery Nutrition

Celery Nutrition Want to hear some little-known facts about celery nutrition? It seems that that little green stalk packs more than a big crunch! It actually packs quite a nutritional punch! Celery has always been touted as great for noshing for weight loss because of its crunchy satisfaction with only a tiny caloric impact. But did you know that the… Read more →

orange nutrition

Orange Nutrition

Orange Nutrition Orange nutrition is delightful, delectable, and delicious! This sweet and juicy treat is packed with vitamin C and great flavor, making it one of the most popular fruits. Did you know that people have been enjoying the orange since 4000 BC? That is a lot of oranges consumed, so there really must some great benefits for including the… Read more →

broccoli nutrition

Broccoli Nutrition

Broccoli Nutrition Check out these awesome broccoli nutrition facts! Ok guys, it seems that we must learn to love these little green trees 😉 because broccoli bites pack some serious nutritional punch that can flat out knock those little disease-producing monsters out of the picture! That brings great news for our overall health and longevity, which gives us reason to… Read more →

quinoa nutrition

Quinoa Nutrition

Quinoa Nutrition Get the low-down on quinoa nutrition! Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) has long been consumed by people in many different cultures, and recognized as a superfood full of vital micronutrients that your body needs! Quinoa nutrition is dense and plentiful, so let’s jump right into the quinoa nutrition facts, before we break it down and talk about all the other goodies… Read more →

strawberry nutrition

Strawberry Nutrition

Strawberry Nutrition Fresh Strawberry Nutrition Facts Strawberry nutrition makes these mouthwatering babies even sweeter and juicer! It turns out that the beautiful, tempting strawberry is one great choice for you health-conscious fitness babes! Don’t you love it when something that is so visually appealing, tastes great, and delights your senses when you bite into its sweet deliciousness, is actually good… Read more →

nutrition facts

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts Reading and paying attention to the nutrition facts of the foods you eat is essential when you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle! If you want to start making some serious gains, either in muscle growth, athletic performance, or in weight loss, reading and understanding the nutrition facts of the foods you are eating will help you… Read more →

kale nutrition

Kale Nutrition

Kale Nutrition After reading all these kale nutrition facts, you may decide that kale is your new best friend! Kale is the most superior of the green super foods. In fact, kale is one of the most nutrient filled foods there is; and with regular consumption, you will be feeling like Wonder Woman before you know it! If you haven’t… Read more →

avocado nutrition

Avocado Nutrition

Avocado Nutrition Avocado nutrition facts are hard to believe! How could something this yummy and beautiful that possesses such a creamy and pleasing texture also be such a power packed super fruit? Super fruit? It only contains one gram of sugar per serving , and yet it still gets to be put into the wonderful, colorful, nutrient dense category of a… Read more →

starbucks nutrition

Starbucks Nutrition

Starbucks Nutrition Figuring out Starbucks nutrition facts and weighing out your healthy options can be a challenge, especially when you’re dragging in there half asleep and thinking is hard enough already. Want to learn a few healthy swaps that you can grab even in your caffeine-craving zombie state? Let’s check out our menus and try tour best to ignore those… Read more →

bodybuilding diet

Bodybuilding Diet

Bodybuilding Diet Creating the perfect bodybuilding diet can be a challenge, but once you understand how to use food to compliment and properly fuel your workouts, you will be one step closer to that goal body you have in mind! Whether you are prepping for a bodybuilding competition, training for a particular athletic event, or you simply want to learn… Read more →

quest nutrition

Quest Nutrition

Quest Nutrition   Getting in your macros can be a challenge on the go, but Quest Nutrition can be a great help in a pinch! One of the easiest ways to get good protein after a workout is to buy Quest bars & stick a couple in your gym bag! You want to try to take in a good serving… Read more →


Chick-fil-A Nutrition Facts

Chick-fil-A Nutrition Facts It turns out that Chick-fil-A nutrition facts are actually pretty good even for us healthy nuts! Sometimes life gets a little hectic, and you just have to grab a quick bite that doesn’t bust your budget or your waistline. Sometimes you just need that fresh fried chicken nugget for the comfort of it. Let’s be honest. Chick-fil-A… Read more →

apple nutrition

Apple Nutrition

Apple Nutrition Get ready – these apple nutrition facts are gonna help you crunch your way to a healthier you! You know you love that fresh, sweet delicious crispy taste of the amazing apple! Not only can they help you look fresh and pretty, they can help you feel fresh and pretty from the inside out! You know what they… Read more →

all natural liquid vitamins

All Natural Liquid Vitamins

All Natural Liquid Vitamins If you are trying to find great all natural liquid vitamins, Amazing grass superfood products might be just what you’re looking for! All natural liquid vitamins can not only be easier to swallow than big pills or capsules, but the are also more quickly and easily absorbed by the body, because they are digested more quickly.… Read more →

sweet potato nutrition

Sweet Potato Nutrition

Sweet Potato Nutrition   Check out these sweet potato nutrition facts! Ok my favorites babes, it looks like we can have our french fries and eat them too!! I mean, let’s admit it, we all have those times when nothing will do but a dose of carb-laden comfort food. You know, when those hormones are raging, or we have been… Read more →

banana nutrition 10 reasons to eat them

Banana Nutrition – 10 Reasons to Eat Them

        Banana Nutrition – 10 Reasons to Eat Them   Banana nutrition – -10 reasons to eat them might make you want to run out and grab one today! The power that is packed into one banana is surprising and fantastic! Turns out those monkeys are on to something! On that note, have you ever noticed that… Read more →

egg nutrition

Egg Nutrition

EGG NUTRITION Egg nutrition facts have been the topic of conversation in the world of nutrition for many years. For quite a few years they were given a bad rap as a contributor to heart disease. Great news for all of you egg loving babes! Turns out the egg has so many health benefits, that they are back on the… Read more →

does lemon water help you lose weight

Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight?

Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight? Hey guys! Many of you have been asking the nutrition question, does lemon water help you lose weight? It’s become pretty common to find lemon water in lists of weight loss tips, as well as in weight loss articles and even pinterest boards, but it’s often unclear what lemon water actually does in… Read more →

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