sweet potato nutrition

Sweet Potato Nutrition

Sweet Potato Nutrition   Check out these sweet potato nutrition facts! Ok my favorites babes, it looks like we can have our french fries and eat them too!! I mean, let’s admit it, we all have those times when nothing will do but a dose of carb-laden comfort food. You know, when those hormones are raging, or we have been… Read more →

banana nutrition 10 reasons to eat them

Banana Nutrition – 10 Reasons to Eat Them

        Banana Nutrition – 10 Reasons to Eat Them   Banana nutrition – -10 reasons to eat them might make you want to run out and grab one today! The power that is packed into one banana is surprising and fantastic! Turns out those monkeys are on to something! On that note, have you ever noticed that… Read more →

egg nutrition

Egg Nutrition

EGG NUTRITION Egg nutrition facts have been the topic of conversation in the world of nutrition for many years. For quite a few years they were given a bad rap as a contributor to heart disease. Great news for all of you egg loving babes! Turns out the egg has so many health benefits, that they are back on the… Read more →

does lemon water help you lose weight

Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight?

Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight? Hey guys! Many of you have been asking, does lemon water help you lose weight? It’s become pretty common to find lemon water in lists of weight loss tips, as well as in weight loss articles and even pinterest boards, but it’s often unclear what lemon water actually does in support of losing… Read more →

cat makeup, kandee johnson

Cat Makeup

Cat Makeup! Want to look like a cute kitty on Halloween? Cat makeup is a must for any kitten-inspired costume. It’s super great for a last minute costume, because cat makeup is pretty easy to pull off when you decide that you WILL go to that Halloween party after all! You know what I’m talking about! We’ve all been there, when… Read more →