Celery Nutrition

Celery Nutrition

celery nutritionWant to hear some little-known facts about celery nutrition? It seems that that little green stalk packs more than a big crunch! It actually packs quite a nutritional punch! Celery has always been touted as great for noshing for weight loss because of its crunchy satisfaction with only a tiny caloric impact. But did you know that the crunchy goodness is full of things your body needs?

Celery is great to snack on, instead of popcorn, while you watch your favorite movie, since those celery calories are so low. You’ll actually burn more calories eating a stick of celery than there are in it to begin with, so it’s net calorie-free! Add some nut butter and you have a great little energy boost to get you through your afternoon, without an energy slump. For a pre or post workout boost, enjoy some of that celery stalk nutrition with some greek yogurt. Instead of chips for dipping, try celery with your favorite dips. Turns out you can have your crunch and eat it too. Crunch with a punch. So munch away!

What are the benefits of eating celery? Let’s check it out!


Studies are beginning to show that the flavonoids, apigenin and luteolin,contained in celery, may be helpful in destroying pancreatic and breast cancer cells.

Weight Loss

Celery is very low in calories with around 9 calories per stalk and about 15 per cup. Celery’s high water content combined with the fiber in it, helps you feel fuller longer.


Celery has been found to be a potent anti-inflammatory agent, like many natural whole foods. Rich in phytonutrient antioxidants, celery can make an impact on the production of COX-2, which is the enzyme that triggers inflammation. The less inflammation we have in our bodies, the less likely we are to develop disease like cancer, heart disease, IBS and other bowel inflammatory diseases like Chron’s. Autoimmune diseases are also inflammatory responses, so this is great news in the fight against these dreaded diseases.

Blood Pressure

Celery seed extract has been shown to have properties might help lower blood pressure and may be a good tool to include in the treatment of hypertension.


Yep! Nosh on a celery stick to boost your sex life!  Androstenone and androstenol, are two pheromones contained in celery. We love those little guys because they ramp up those arousal levels.


The vitamin A contained in celery is great for protecting your eyes and preventing the problems related to aging.


Two stalks of celery a day can help take that LDL, aka bad cholesterol, down. That’s a good thing! A healthy heart is a wonderful gift!


Celery has insoluble fiber, which combined with its high water content, is a great aid in the digestion process, helping with healthy elimination.


The magnesium and other minerals contained in that night-time celery snack will help calm your nervous system so you can get some great, stress-busting sleep.


Celery is also a great source of vitamin K, which is a significant player for increasing bone mass, helping keep your bones nice and strong.


Celery contains plenty of vitamins, including folic acid, vitamin C riboflavin, and niacin. These guys are all important for proper metabolism.


Some people are highly allergic to celery, so keep that in mind when introducing this food into your diet. It has been known to cause anaphylactic shock, which is a dangerous and liv threatening reaction. Pregnant women should avoid celery, and people on diuretics should always check with their doctors before eating it.

Always thoroughly wash your celery before eating. You can eat it alone, juice it (that celery juice nutrition is powerful), or chop it into your favorite stews and stir fries. Steamed celery holds almost all of its nutritional value, so those are great recipes for celery nutrition. We love to add chopped celery to our favorite easy chicken salad. Here is the recipe:

Easy Chicken Salad

2 chicken breasts, boiled and shredded, salt and pepper to taste (preferred method)

or 1 large can white breast chicken meat (quicker and easier)

2 stalks celery chopped

1 apple chopped

vanilla greek yogurt

stir everything together and add yogurt to desired consistency.

Serve on a bed of greens, with crackers and veggie sticks, or on your favorite sandwich bread or wrap. Enjoy!!! Celery nutrition can be delicious! Be creative, be fun, and be happy!

Happy beautiful healthy life!


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