Cheap Makeup

Cheap Makeup!

cheap makeupLet’s add one more thing to the list of what I love about Kandee Johnson: she shows us that beauty is accessible and affordable to everyone! In her drugstore makeup haul video, she shows tons of products that you can buy at any Walgreens or Walmart for cheap! She even shows swaps you can make for the expensive brands like Urban Decay. It’s great to know that there are options comparable to the luxury stuff, that won’t break the bank!

Check out Kandee’s video here! She’s so awesome. :)

Kandee shows everything she bought, from lip liners, to shadow palettes, to eye liners, to mascaras, and talks about each product and why she chose it. This video made me want to run to my local drugstore and try some of this cheap makeup for myself! I highly recommend you watch this video before going out to any drugstore, or even a high end store, so you can make the most educated decisions on the makeup you buy. Even if you can afford the expensive brands, sometimes the drugstore versions can work just as well, and you can spend that extra dough you save on something else! Your cheap makeup will still do the job, and you don’t have to sacrifice your makeup looks! You’ll look on point, and you can feel good about your smart spending.


After watching Kandee’s video, I decided to give a few of the products a try! My favorite one turned out to be L’oréal’s eyeshadow palette, La Palette Nude 2. The colors really reminded me of the Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay, which I also own. The texture was very soft and velvety, and it went on very smoothly when I applied the shadows to my eyes with small fluffy shadow makeup brushes. The shades were beautiful, and they blended together very well. I though that the color payoff was nice as well, especially when I applied the shadows on top of my eye primer. Some of the colors took a bit of building to show up with the intensity that I prefer, but they ended up looking great! I love how there are so many options in the same neutral, almost rosy family. I was able to use this palette as my highlighter, my all-over-shadow, my contour color for my lids, and my eyeliner (when applied with a slightly damp angled eyeliner brush). There are so many shades that the options are pretty endless! I created a very natural makeup look, a smokey eye, and a few everyday looks with the same palette. This palette has shades that will complement any skin tone, and you can customize your look by playing with the blend of shades you choose. The best part of all? It only cost me $15.84!! With so much versatility, a palette at that price is pretty much amazing! I love this product, and I’m so glad that Kandee introduced me to this cheap makeup palette!

When you go to the drugstore, your choices can be overwhelming. Kandee’s video gives you a good starting point with great suggestions that you can try first! Go out and grab some cheap makeup, and see if you can make any budget-friendly swaps for the expensive products on your wish list!

Have fun playing up your features, beauties!



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