Chick-fil-A Nutrition Facts

Chick-fil-A Nutrition Facts

chick-fil-a-nutrition-factsIt turns out that Chick-fil-A nutrition facts are actually pretty good even for us healthy nuts!

Sometimes life gets a little hectic, and you just have to grab a quick bite that doesn’t bust your budget or your waistline. Sometimes you just need that fresh fried chicken nugget for the comfort of it. Let’s be honest. Chick-fil-A just makes food that tastes good! So, it’s ok! Have an occasional splurge. I won’t tell if you won’t!

Step into a Chick-fil-A , and you feel like you are family. They do a great job with customer service that makes you feel welcome and at home. Top that with their healthy options, and their not-so-healthy ones, and it’s no wonder there is always a line. Not that I would know! :)

One of the main things that makes me feel ok about my occasional fast food meal at Chick-fil-A is that they start with the freshest the ingredients, every day. I always order the grilled market salad without cheese since I can’t have wheat or dairy, and because I can keep my meal to around 300 calories, so if I have had a big breakfast, that leaves me room for an afternoon snack without exceeding my caloric needs for the day. They are always happy to make me a fresh salad, just the way I like it, and always with a smile. That’s not always the case even at high end restaurants, no matter how sweetly I ask; which is a big positive for me! If you are a fellow food allergy babe, then you understand why that matters so much. You can order according to food allergies and they are happy to get it right, every time!

All of the chicken at Chick-fil-A  is made with whole chicken breast meat, so it is not those little processed pre-formed patties and pieces that many other fast food stores use. They have long standing relationships with their suppliers, so they are certain that their chickens are being raised in great conditions and being fed well. Those little chickens eat feed that is mostly grains, with the rest being vitamins, minerals, and proteins. No added hormones allowed and the company is moving toward no antibiotics! That’s good news for our health-conscious selves. We have enough hormonal issues to deal without taking in foods that can throw us out of balance. Great nutrition is on of our best defenses on the hormonal front, so score one for Chick-fil-A nutrition! :)

Only the freshest fruits and vegetables are used in the salads and wraps. The greens are always fresh and crisp, and the fruit is never anything but fresh and delicious. We like to order the Cobb Salad. If you want to make it a healthier option, order it without the bacon, which also means you get one freshly made. Use only a small amount of the Light Italian dressing to save calories and unwanted ingredients. Add a small fruit cup on the side, and you have a nice meal for about 500 calories. Be mindful when you order a salad that the dressing can add up to 200 calories to your meal, so use as little as possible.

Another great thing is that the calorie count is posted on the menu board. Well, great if you don’t want to eat all of your caloric needs for the day in one sitting, haha. That really makes it much harder to order fries, and shakes, meal combos, and all of those other tempting, tasty, treats with the calories contained in those staring you right in the face!


But wait! great news! You can indulge in some fried wonders without a guilty conscience. You can order 8 chicken nuggets for 270 calories, 28 grams protein, and 13 grams fat. Add to that a fruit cup for 50 calories, and a side salad for 80 calories (plus dressing, so go lightly there), for around 400 calories. That is a satisfying meal and within your goals for healthy eating.

Just to for fun, let’s see what would happen if you ordered the common 8 nugget meal. Nuggets, fries, and a coke. Medium waffle fries, 400 calories; 8 chicken nuggets, 270 calories; and one medium coke (no refills), 170 calories. Total calories is 840. Trade the nuggets for a sandwich and add between 400 and 570 calories.

If you are truly wanting to eat in a healthier way, opt for the salad with very little dressing, nix the bacon, and add the fruit (check out this article about banana nutrition benefits).


Have the nuggets, nix the fries and sandwiches.

Drink the freshly brewed unsweet tea and add antioxidants and zero calories.

There you have it! You can eat at Chick-fil-A and stay on your healthy eating plan if you just pay attention to the Chick-fil-A nutrition facts! :) Have a fun, fit, and fabulous meal!

Happy beautiful life!


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