Chicken Breast Nutrition

Chicken Breast Nutrition

chicken breast nutritionThere is great value to be had in including chicken breast nutrition as a part of your healthy and fit diet plan. Great news guys! Turns out your favorite chicken breast option is good for you!! Not only can you have chicken in a variety of ways that can keep your meals from the same old drab and dull, it packs a nutritional punch into it’s small caloric count. Plus, it gives you great protein to boost your gains and whittle your waist! Read on to see some caloric facts to help make your meal prep quick and simple! Also, check out all of the nutrition facts that will make you smile!

Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts:

Calories and protein :: grilled chicken breast

1/2 small chicken breast without skin

123 calories, 23 g protein

1 medium slice of chicken breast

11 calories, 2.1 g protein

6 oz boneless, skinless chicken breast

150 calories, 28 g protein

1 cup diced skinless chicken breast

221 calories, 42 g protein

Calories and protein :: baked, or roasted broiled chicken breast

1/2 small chicken breast

164 calories, 25 g protein

1 medium slice of chicken breast

27 calories, 4g protein

6 oz boneless skinless chicken breast

130 calories, 13 g protein

1 cup diced chicken breast

263 calories, 40 g protein

There are, of course, other options, such as fried, heavily coated, stuffed, or topped with things like creams, gravies, meats, fruits, or whatever yummy sounding recipe you may have. However, boneless skinless chicken breast nutrition is probably the best overall. It may be ok to indulge any of those richer versions on a special occasion, but, hey, we are all about fitness and nutrition here. Sticking to the above methods of cooking can still make a great contribution to healthier versions of your favorite recipes. At the end of the day, though, It’s hard to beat grilled chicken breast nutrition!

So now et’s see what a healthy dose of chicken breast actually does for your strong, healthy body.

Top 7 Health Benefits of Chicken Breast Nutrition

1. Weight loss

Thanks to the high protein content, lean chicken breast can really be one of your best tools for effective weight loss. Diets high in protein have been shown to promote a healthy weight and aid in losing pounds, so keeping to the lean breast will help your reach your goals and maintain your ideal weight.

2. Strong Muscles

Any fitness gal can tell you that protein is is must for building ad preparing muscles after a hard workout. It’s easy to carry a lean chicken breast with you in your handy meal packing bag. Eat up within 30 minutes of your workout for best results! Plus that chicken breast nutrition boasts 84% of your potassium needs, contribution to strong healthy muscles while helping to prevent cramping.

3. Runny nose and congestion

Is the common cold keeping you from feeling your best and making the most of your day? Speed your healing by having some delicious chicken soup. Turns out your grandma was right! Eat up and feel better soon!

4. Energy

It’s hard to be active when your energy is low. The vitamin B6 in a 6 oz chicken breast provides almost half of your daily need of this energy boosting nutrient. It packs a punch by helping your body convert glycogen to glucose, giving you energy when you need it.

Niacin aka vitamin B3 also aids in energy production. Eating that same chicken breast also provides your body with 72% of your daily needs. Pass the chicken please!

5. Strong bones, teeth, and nails 

Thanks to the phosphorous in a 4 oz chicken breast, your bones, teeth , and nails will be beautifully strong and healthy. That little skinless chicken breast gives you 125% of your daily needs.

6. Healthy heart

That tasty chicken breast also delivers boosting B vitamins that help prevent heart disease. turns out that dose of vitamin B6 is also a big player in keeping those blood vessels nice and open. Good blood flow is a good thing!

7. Anti-cancer

Those B vitamins do just about everything. Not only does vitamin B3 provide great energy, it also helps reduce your chance of getting several types of cancer.

Chicken also contains lots of minerals, like selenium, that also promote and sustain great health. It seems that an addition of lean chicken breast nutrition to your daily meals would be a brilliant idea. Enjoy and live well! You might also want to check out our apple nutrition facts, for more great healthy eating tips!

Happy beautiful life!


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