Define Beautiful

Define Beautiful

define beautifulHow do you define beautiful? What does the word beautiful mean to you? What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see or hear the word beautiful? When someone says that you are beautiful, what does that mean to you? What do you think makes you beautiful? Do you even see yourself as beautiful in any way? My lovely girls, let’s define beautiful in a true and meaningful way. Let’s not be trapped in illusions and comparisons, but let’s see ourselves as the beautiful creatures we were created to be.



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I think the word woman defines beautiful. Every woman is beautiful and every woman has the capacity to grow into a true beauty. True beauty begins with the heart. It must be nurtured, developed, emptied of self, and filled with the only true love. God’s love. A woman whose heart exudes this unconditional love is undeniably beautiful. She is mesmerizing. The inner light that shines through her eyes and her smile is simply stunning. The warmth that emanates from her welcoming embrace is irresistible. Her face actually glows, and her countenance is radiant. Her beautiful heart generates a true beauty like no other.

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The world will try to tear down our confidence and tell us we are not beautiful because we may not look like a super model, or a movie star, or some other fantasy creature. We all can work on making the most of our physical beauty, and this website is full of all kinds of ways to look better and to feel better. From makeup to nutrition, to fitness and stress relief, we’ve got it all. It is important take care of your body. It’s fun and uplifting to look your very best. We all love to be fit and healthy. We love trying all the latest makeup ideas and changing up our look in creative and self-expressive ways. There’s nothing wrong with physical beauty! In fact, we were beautifully made. However, a woman with incomparable outer beauty can also possess an inner beauty that is deep and lasting. She will become more beautiful with the passing years, because while outer beauty may fade, the beauty of a beautiful heart will only grow with time.

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When we allow the pursuit of an impossible physical goal to define pretty for us, we are defeated from the start. Our joy can diminish because our expectations are unreachable for a real live person. It is impossible to look like the photoshopped illusions we see all around us. How many perfectly beautiful girls do you know that are dissatisfied with their own beauty? Are you one of them? I would dare say that most of us fall into that category, and that is a terrible dilemma and such a joy-robber. So many times we feel inadequate and can’t fully enjoy the moment because our hair doesn’t look right, or we have acne, or our stomach is bloated. Do you really think anyone else is noticing all of those tiny imperfections that we think are so glaring? Probably not, because they are too busy worrying about the same things that are “wrong” with themselves. See what a waste of time, energy, and happiness we’re experiencing, for no good reason? We need to begin to understand that we will never reach perfection, and that there is beauty in the imperfect. We need to give ourselves a break and just enjoy this wonderful life that we have been given.

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There is greatness in a beautiful woman who is growing in love, because she will also grow in grace and strength. She can handle anything that comes her way with a beautiful elegance that defines a beautiful spirit. It is easy to picture a beautiful, graceful dancer. Take that grace and gentle power all the way to the bone see it as spirit. It is that beautiful grace radiating through the spirit that draws others and is a calming presence in times of trouble. This power is available to all of us. It comes from God, and is an outflow of a relationship with him. We are his creation and he offers great joy, eternal life, and a beautiful heart.

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We long for you to be totally fulfilled, to know love, joy, peace, and true happiness, and to find your full potential and purpose on this earth, mind, body, and spirit. Life has meaning, and you are perfectly beautiful and valuable, just the way you are. A truly beautiful heart defines beautiful. Such a heart is undeniably a marker of true and lasting beauty.

Happy beautiful life!!!


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