Drugstore Makeup

Drugstore Makeup

drugstore makeup, kandee johnsonGuys! Check out Kandee Johnson’s latest drugstore makeup haul! She and little Ellie take you on a fun shopping video to find all the latest and greatest! We love a lot of drugstore makeup, and Kandee will help you find the very best drugstore makeup on the market right now! We are here to help you look flawless without breaking the bank! Sometimes a product is just so great that it is worth spending more, but often times, cheap makeup products work just as well. We love that Kandee gives us the lowdown on drugstore brands that go on just as beautifully as the luxury makeup brands. Thanks to Kandee for this awesome video!

Kandee’s Walmart Hall

Whoa, guys! We have checked out all of these products, except for the liner, and you are going to love them! I wish Kandee could come along to help us on all of our makeup hauls.  Here is what she got and why she loves these best new drugstore makeup finds!

  1. L’oréal’s True Match Lumi Highlighter in Ice – A gorgeous blue toned highlighter that will make your eyes pop like crazy with angelic glowiness!
  2. L’oréal’s true Match Lumi Highlighter in Rose – A stunning highlighter that we love as much as Kandee does. You will not believe what it does for your cheekbones! Luminosity abounds!
  3. Kiss ever easy false eyelashes –These little groups of lashes are so easy to put on! You simply dip the end in the glue and apply them! Kim Kardashian eyelashes in an instant!
  4. Milani Perfection Liner- Review is still out on that one haha! Kandee hasn’t tried it yet either, so we will run out and give it a shot and let you know!
  5. Sally Hanson airbrush face makeup – this is the drugstore makeup brand that Kandee will be using in her upcoming how to use airbrush makeup tutorial!
  6. L’oréal’s True Match Liquid Lumi Glow Illuminator – Kandee says to put the Illuminator moisturizer underneath the L’oréal’s True Match Lumi Highlighter and watch your cheekbones go kapow!
  7. Wet n Wild Lipliner in Brandy Wine –This is a return of Kandee’s favorite beautiful color that she wore in high school. We love it too!

I love that Kandee shows us what new drugstore makeup she is trying so that we can make better decisions when we make our own trips to the drugstore, or to  any higher end makeup store. I have been using several of Loreal’s products because of kandee Johnson‘s reviews. One of them is L’oréal’s eyeshadow palette, La Palette Nude 2. I use it interchangeably with my Urban Decay Naked Palette 2, and it soft, velvety texture smooths and blends just as well, though I will admit that it takes a bit more to build the depth of color that I prefer.  It can be used for eyeshadow, highlighter, and eyeliner, especially if you dip your angled brush in a little water before dipping it into the darkest shadow color. That gives it a little more staying power. The colors are similar, and the price is about half, so it’s a win!

There you go beauties! Your latest drugstore makeup shopping spree, right in the comfort of wherever you are!

Happy beautiful life!



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