Easy Smokey Eye Tutorial

Easy Smokey Eye Tutorial

easy smokey eye tutorial, kandee johnsonLooking for an easy smokey eye tutorial that is both simple and fabulous? This tutorial is designed to help you choose the right color palette for your own eye color. One of my favorite things about the smokey eye makeup look is the versatility in precision and glam factor. You can basically throw it on, blend and blend it looks like you took your sweet time. Or you can really work it to the max, blending layers of depth and drama, creating a smokey eye masterpiece. You can use eyeshadow to create a smokey, smudged eyeliner, or you can be very precise with a liquid eyeliner to create the perfect winged eyeliner. the key to a successful smokey eye is to blend, blend, blend. Did I say blend?

Any color palette will lend itself to a smokey eye look. You can choose a palette that compliments your own gorgeous eye color, or one that flatters all of them. Let’s take a look at the best colors for your eyes! Here’s an easy smokey eye tutorial!

Best eyeshadow colors for your eye color

easy smokey eye tutorial green eyes   Green Eyes

  • Shades of purple are amazing on green eyes according to the color wheel. Red and green are directly opposite of one another on the color wheel, so shades with a red tone will compliment those gorgeous greens like no other.
  • Taupe makes a gorgeous and flattering neutral that really makes green eyes pop.
  • Grey or brown eyeliner are much prettier on light colored eyes, so opt for these over black and your eyes will really sparkle!

                                                    Blue Eyeseasy smokey eye tutorial blue eyes

  • If you want to make your baby blues really dazzle, dust on a pretty rusty shadow for an instant color pop.
  • When you want to go for a colored shadow, opt for purples. The purple family is much more flattering to your beautiful blues than green or blue eyeshadow.
  • Create your prettiest smokey eye with neutral reddish browns, golds, and taupes. Darker colors such as black will overpower rather than enhance your blue eyes.
  • A shimmery bronze is a gorgeous contrast to your blue eye color and will be a beautiful addition to your evening look.


easy smokey eye tutorial brown eyes

Brown Eyes

  • To make your dark brown eyes really pop, apply an electric blue. Your beautiful brown eyes will take center stage!
  • Green shadows really flatter brown eyes, and we love the look of a greenish gold metallic!
  • Copper on the outer half your smokey eye is stunning on brown eyes.
  • Opt for a deep navy blue to create your daytime liner. Try it and watch your eyes sparkle!

Hazel Eyes

  • Deep purple or eggplant create an amazing contrast to your hazel eyes, and it’s a geasy smokey eye tutorial hazel eyesreat choice for your smokey eye look.
  • To bring out the warmth and golden tones in your hazel eyes, go for gold and bronze colors. We love to use these colors as highlighters, when we feel like going glam.
  • If you want to really bring out the green in your eyes, opt for an army green shadow. You will love how your hazels instantly turn!
  • Earthy browns, golds, and greens are gorgeous on hazel eyes, and make the smokey eye effect quite easy to accomplish.


I hope you enjoyed this Easy Smokey Eye Tutorial. This color guide should help you find your look of the day in record time. Perhaps it will help you in purchasing eyeshadow colors that you will use, saving you money in the long run. That’s a win! Have fun trying new things with new colors to amp it up a bit!

We love bringing you makeup tips and makeup ideas and it is our goal and our hope that you will find help on our website for all things beauty – mind, body, and spirit.

Happy beautiful life!!!


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