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egg nutritionEgg nutrition facts have been the topic of conversation in the world of nutrition for many years. For quite a few years they were given a bad rap as a contributor to heart disease. Great news for all of you egg loving babes! Turns out the egg has so many health benefits, that they are back on the table and bursting with goodness! I know that makes me happy because most of my breakfast favs include eggs. Maybe they are cooked into my amazing zero carb protein pancakes, and topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries, but, hey, I like them that way! So let’s tune in and see just what it is that makes the egg such a great addition to your healthy diet.


We are all about strong, fit, and healthy bodies, and it turns out that the egg is packed with a healthy dose of protein. The protein in eggs is a complete protein, which is great news, because that means they contain all of the amino acids you need. Protein helps regulate your post-meal blood sugar levels, keeping it from dangerous spikes. So be sure to add an egg to your meal if you plan to consume carbs so that it can help keep you healthy.

Protein promotes healthy weight loss by keeping you feeling full longer. Studies have shown that people who eat protein in the mornings tend to snack less during evening time, helping keep those extra pounds from creeping up.

Consuming protein is important for building strong muscles and for maintaining them. Have a serving of protein post-workout to help your body repair your muscles after all of your hard work.

Vitamin B-6

Egg nutrition facts include Vitamin B-6 which does many awesome things for your body. One of my favorite things about this feel-good vitamin is how it aids in keeping your serotonin levels where they should be, helping you feel more calm and happy. What ’s not to love about that?

Vitamin B-6. along with the other B vitamins also plays a part in keeping you homocysteine levels nice and low, helping to protect your beautiful heart.

The best food sources of Vitamin B-6 include – wait for it – yep! The egg! :) Just one medium sized delicious egg contains 5% of your daily Vitamin B-6 needs. Cereal grains, legumes, and dairy, along with plenty of fresh vegetables, especially spinach, peas, carrots, and potatoes (our favorite is the sweet potato because it is just so good for you!), are your best food sources of this powerful vitamin. So whip up a quick omelet, fill it with some of those veggies and a little cheese, add a small sweet potato on the side, and start your day off with a good portion of your  vitamin B-6 before you even head out the door!

 Vitamin B – 12

One of my very favorite egg nutrition facts is that a medium sized egg contains 10% of my daily B-12 requirements. This important energy-producing vitamin can be obtained from fish (especially sardines and salmon), shellfish, meat , eggs, and dairy products. It is not found in vegetables, so vegetarians need to be sure to ask their doctors about supplementing with oral Vitamin B-12 in order to prevent a deficiency.

Vitamin B-12 helps keep your nervous system calm, allowing your inner beauty to shine through; can help prevent heart disease, and is important in so many more ways that in the near future, we will be dedicating a whole article to this amazing vitamin.

Vitamin D

Try your eggs sunny-side-up to get a nutritional boost of Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin! :)

You can get your best dose of Vitamin D from the sun, but it is also available in foods and by supplementing with your doctor’s okay. Milk, some orange juices, and most cereals are already supplemented with Vitamin D, and you can get it from beef liver, fish, and mushrooms.

Vitamin D is a major player in the absorption of  calcium, so it is important for building strong and healthy bones. New studies are finding that vitamin D may play a huge role in preventing tons of unwanted things like colon, breast, and prostate cancer, so that’s a big deal! It may even help prevent autoimmune disease, diabetes, and hypertension, so I don’t know about you, but I may take my favorite egg dish and enjoy it on the patio while I soak up a few minutes of some of that awesome sunshine-vitamin-producing-sun :)

These egg nutrition facts point to the incredible edible egg as a perfect food, so enjoy your favorite egg recipe today!

Happy beautiful life!


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