Elsa Frozen Makeup Tutorial

Elsa Frozen Makeup Tutorial

elsa-frozen-makeup-tutorialHey guys, check out this Elsa Frozen makeup tutorial from Kandee Johnson, just in time for your perfect Halloween costume party! There have been tons of requests for how to look like Elsa this year, so once again, Kandee has come through for you guys! You might also want to check out her 1920’s makeup tutorials since many of you have requested that 1920’s flapper makeup look as well. What a fun and pretty idea that would be!  Or you can go as Belle from Beauty and the Beast! We have so many great ideas to offer you from Kandee for your best a favorite Halloween makeup tutorials. You will be amazing and flawlessly fabulous! Be brave! Be daring! Become your favorite character!

Elsa has become one of the best loved of the Disney princesses. Covers of Let it Go went viral, from solos to friends and families posting their very own versions of the song. Some are really cute, and some are actually great! You guys are so talented! It’s really cool that anyone can post a video, and sometimes, without rhyme or reason, that video goes viral. Many people have had their fifteen minutes of fame through the internet. It’s fun! Maybe you should put on your Elsa Frozen makeup and post your version of Let it Go!! We would love to see it!! Go for it!!

Something about the movie Frozen just resonated with people, and Elsa became an overnight sensation. She is strong and beautiful, and she turns what was meant to be evil into something she uses for good. Good does win over evil in the end. In this world evil is allowed to show its ugly face, but good will always win in the end. Beautiful Elsa is plagued by an evil curse, but in the end, the curse is broken by true love, and what was intended for evil is used for good!! No wonder so many of you want to dress like Elsa for your costume party! Who doesn’t want to conquer evil and shine with goodness? Who doesn’t want to show that love overcomes evil? Who doesn’t want to be a light of love and a ray of hope? Who doesn’t want to step out of the darkness into the light?  The beautiful Elsa emerges into the most beautiful version of herself, breaking free from her prison of isolation and stepping into her true role as a lovely and loving queen of her people! What a fun and wonderful role for you to step into this year!

Fortunately, with this tutorial, Elsa Frozen makeup is not too hard to pull off in time for your big night! You will want to purchase an Elsa wig, unless of course you already have that amazing Disney princess hair. Some of you lucky girls do!! Elsa costumes are easy to find on the internet, or at your favorite costume store. You can be creative and pull together your own version of this beautiful costume. The most important thing is that you feel beautiful and Elsa like. Then go out and shine your heart light!

Thank you to Kandee for this awesome Elsa Frozen Makeup tutorial! You can thank her by subscribing to her YouTube channel. We have tons of her videos here for you to watch, as well as articles on things beauty, fitness, nutrition, and inner beauty. We are here for you, so check us out!

Here is a list of the products that Kandee uses to create this elsa Frozen makeup tutorial, in case you want to go buy some things. We also will tell you what the colors are so that you can use whatever makeup you have on hand, so that you can pull this look together without spending any money at all!  Just use your own creativity! Have fun!


  • Ivory Foundation from L’Oreal
  • COVER-FX Total Coverage
  • Mulit-color Foundation Palette


  • White Eyeliner – I just used the one from MAC
  • black liquid liner


  • Lavender Eyeshadow stick. Kandee used Morphine from Urban Decay
  • Deep Purple Eyeliner – Kandee used Vice From Urban Decay
  • Deep Copper and Maroon Color Eyeshadow from the Urban Decay Vice Palette
  • Deep Shimmer Purple – Lorea’l Infallible Perpetual Purple
  • Frosted Lilac & Opaline from Anastasia of Beverly Hills
  • Dark Purple – NYX Kama Sutra


  • Flutter Lashes in Kim


  • Light Bubble Gum Pink Blush in Well Dressed from MAC


  • Anastasia of Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Soft Brown


Here is the lovely Kandee transforming her gorgeous self into the beautiful Elsa in this Elsa Frozen makeup tutorial. She make it look so easy that I know we can all do it too! Have fun being creative and imaginative! You will make a fabulous Queen Elsa dahling!!

There you go guys! what a great Halloween makeup tutorial from Kandee! Put on your favorite princess dress,  your queenly posture and attitude, your tierra and magic slippers and go our and have a fabulous time! Of course, everyone will want to hear your rendition of “Let it Go”, so be prepared to sing your heart out! Be safe, be happy, and have fun!

Happy beautiful life!


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