Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eye Makeup Tutorial

eye makeup tutorialThis great eye makeup tutorial by Kandee Johnson will show you how to make smaller eyes look bigger and rounder! We all want those windows to our souls to be center stage, so this makeup lesson is one you will surely want to watch. Our eyes convey so many emotions, thoughts and feelings. They twinkle when we laugh, they tear up with emotion, both happy and sad, show surprise, anger, joy, and love. Our eyes are key to putting across our meaning in our communications. Playing up your eyes can really boost your confidence as you talk to people throughout your day, because that is usually the focus of their attention. Let your light shine through those beautiful peepers!


  • Apply your favorite eyelid primer to your eyelids.
  • Top with your foundation or concealer to create a flawless base and make your shadow stay on longer. You can use expensive foundation, or your best drugstore concealer.


  • Sweep a nude eyeshadow that matches your skin tone all over your eye to create a beautiful palette.
  • Tap a white eyeshadow into the inner corner and just under the brow for a beautiful highlight and glow.
  • Take a medium brown eyeshadow and blend into the crease of your eye andante an outward V to create more depth and dimension.


  • Take a flat angle brush and dip into a black gel liner. To open the eye and make it look rounder, create a rounded look on the outer half of your upper lash line, ending with a slightly upward stroke just before the corner, to open the eye and create a slightly upward wing.
  • Line your lower water line with a white pencil liner to create a bigger eye.
  • Take your flat angle brush, dip it in black or dark brown eyeshadow, and blend on top of the gel liner to make it beautifully smooth and blended.
  • With a thin little shadow brush, dip into a dark brown shadow and shade only the outer third of the bottom lid, making a c shape to join the top liner so that the outer point starts to make the eye look round. Use the same color to soften the top liner as well.


  • Curl your lashes to open the eyes!


  • Apply your favorite volumizing mascara to the top lashes by pulling straight up and out to open the eye.
  • Apply to your lower lashes by pulling straight down, creating a rounder look.
  • Be sure to fill all the way to the outer corners, upward at the top corners, and downward at the bottom corners.


The whole idea is to open and round the eyelids by strategic placement of your eyeliner.You can play with the shape of your own eyes, until you master the perfect look for your own beautiful face! Next, check out these eyebrow makeup tips!

Pair those big beautiful eyes with other makeup looks for a fun variety of your best self!

Remember to look people in the eyes when you talk to them. Giving someone your full attention, and really seeing them can be such a gift. Making someone feel important makes you happy, so really focus your beautiful eyes and truly look into the heart of another. Go out and make it a great day!

Happy beautiful life!


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