Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow Makeup

Which form of eyebrow makeup is right for you?? There are sooo many options out there for filling out your perfect brow, so let’s break it down and talk about the TOP THREE methods for applying eyebrow makeup! We’ll look at the three most popular formulas on the beauty market, and you can decide which one fits your needs the most. Let’s get started!

Starting out with perfectly groomed brows is similar to the importance of starting your makeup with flawless foundation or smooth primer. It can make or break the look! It’s difficult to shape brows with a pencil if the actual brows themselves are messy or out of control. That being said, you also want to take care not to overdo the grooming by getting tweezer-happy! You don’t want to have to literally draw on your eyebrows. Don’t over pluck, and brush up and trim before filling in.

Let’s get to the good stuff, filling in those brows!

The best eyebrow makeup really depends on what look you are going for, where you will be wearing the makeup, how long you need it to last without touch-ups, and simply your preference in tools! If you know that you’re better with using a pencil, there are plenty of options for you in in that category. The same goes for a brush or liquid, however, eyebrow makeup can be so much fun to play with, so don’t be afraid to get outside your comfort zone and have some fun trying out new techniques!

Powder eyebrow makeup:

Filling in your brows with powder is probably the easiest, most beginner-friendly form of eyebrow makeup you can find! It’s super easy to remove mistakes when you’re working with a powder formula, plus the makeup itself is much softer and less prone to looking overly harsh.

Why use a powder brow filler?

  • Powder has a very buildable texture, so you can start off lightly and add more to create your favorite level of color. No worries about looking like you drew your brows on with a Sharpie!
  • Brow powder is soft and fool-proof! If you accidentally make a stroke outside you brow shape, you can remove it quickly and easily with a cotton swab or even just a clean finger (let’s be honest, this is way more likely).
  • Brow powders are super blendable! If you can’t find a filler that matches your ideal eyebrow color, you can easily make your own shade by combining two or three powders! Blend them together before application, or use them separately to create a brow that is lighter toward the from and gets darker as it extends to the tail.
  • Many brow powders come with wax, which is an excellent tool for shaping and holding brows in place, as well as making sure your shade doesn’t disappear throughout the day! Apply the colored powder first, and then with a spoolie brush, apply a tiny bit of wax to the eyebrow and brush out. You want to be careful not to load up too much wax on the brush, because your brows can come out looking greasy and just gross. A small amount goes a long way, I promise!
  • Product versatility! Probably my favorite reason to use a powder formula when filling my brows is that I can double up an eye shadow or two as eyebrow makeup! This is a great benefit for when you’re on-the-go and don’t want to pack your entire makeup kit. Simply take your favorite taupe or gray-brown eye shadow, load up your brow brush, and apply it directly to your eyebrow! No extra products needed. Great for beauty on a budget, or anytime you’re traveling or only have a small bag with you! Perfect for touch-ups during a night out. :)
  • Speed! Okay, maybe I have two favorite reasons to use a brow powder. I’m always in a rush in the mornings, so speed and efficiency are key for my makeup routine! Applying powdered eyebrow makeup can take literally seconds per brow, because it’s almost automatically natural looking! Time-saving factor: you don’t have to waste time fixing tough mistakes, brushing and combing product through to make your look softer, or making 100 tiny hair marks. Just apply powder with a tiny, thin brush in short, feathery, hair-like strokes and you’re all set!

Next up, let’s look at brow pencils!!!

Brow Pencils:

Brow pencils are a step up from brow powder as far as staying-power, as well as in level of difficulty to apply. That being said, they are still very easy to master with just a bit of practice!

Why use a brow pencil?

  • All-in-one tool! What could be more convenient space-wise than a pencil? It’s a convenient and handy tool that will fit in your bag just like a liner, so it’s easy to take with you. A lot of brow pencils actually come with a built in spoolie brush attached, so one utensil is literally all you need for filling in perfect brows!
  • Perfectly mimics real brow hairs! Brow pencils make natural looking brows attainable. All you have to do is make tiny strokes in the direction of natural hair growth. This gives you the ability to literally draw more eyebrow hairs, so you won’t end up with brows that look too solid or fake.
  • More control! When you’re drawing your own hairs you have complete control of the brow’s fullness. It’s as if you can actually choose where you want to grow eyebrow hairs!
  • Stay on fleek, all day. Most pencils are made with wax, which is a great ingredient for keeping makeup on the eyebrows for longer periods of time that a powder or a wax-free product. A good pencil should last throughout your entire day! Some pencils can even stand up to your toughest workouts, so sweat away, worry-free!

Gel or liquid formula eyebrow makeup!

Okay, this is the trickiest formula of them all. Gel or liquid eyebrow filling products are the most difficult to master, but they do have some advantages over the others!

Why use a gel or liquid brow filler?

  • INTENSE color!! If you tend to go for more of that absolutely perfect, photoshopped look, this might be the formula for you. Gels and liquids have high color payoff, so your brows will have that BAM! effect. Careful when applying though, these products do not come off easily! Keep a cotton swab loaded with makeup remover nearby to catch any slip-ups as soon as you make them.
  • Waterproof formulas! Many liquids and gels are designed to stay put through any activity, even swimming!! If you want your brows to stay on point for the beach or a pool party, reach for a waterproof gel or liquid eyebrow makeup product!

That’s a wrap for our top three eyebrow makeup options!! Remember, if you don’t like what you try, you can always remove it and try something else. Don’t be afraid to play with different brow fillers, colors, and shapes! You’ll never know what might be your new favorite until you try. :)

Have fun playing up your features, beauties!



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