Eyeliner Ideas for Prom

Eyeliner Ideas for Prom

eyeliner ideas for prom, kandee johnsonGuys, I have one the best eyeliner ideas for prom ever! Ever you say? Yes ever! May I introduce to you the fabulous THEY’RE REAL PUSH-UP GEL EYELINER from the makeup brand, Benefit. We love this eyeliner! It’s stay put power will last without a smudge, no matter how much you dance or how late you stay up. Not only that, you will be able to create a beautiful winged eyeliner look with ease. You don’t even really have to know how to do winged eyeliner with a liquid eyeliner. This one pretty much takes the guess work out and makes it easy to create a gorgeous wing, pronto! Fabulous and flawless! That’s a win! That’s why I convinced this is the best of our eyeliner ideas for prom.


Why we love it:

  • Staying Power- Seriously!  This stuff won’t budge! Go ahead and dance the night away!
  • Great Color – Beautiful black matte color that doesn’t have to be toned down with matte eyeshadow!
  • Easy Application – The slanted tip acts as a wing stamp making application easy and perfect for anyone!
  • Gets super close to your lash line – The felt tip really works like it says it will and gets really close to your lashline.
  • You can use a regular eyeliner brush – If you don’t like the felt tip, just substitute your own eyeliner brush!
  • This eyeliner will be gorgeous on hazel eyes, green eyes, brown eyes and even your baby blue eyes.
  • Gel Liner -Gel liners are easy to work with, and this one comes in a pen form! Easy! That’s a win!
  • Flexible silicone tip – The slanted tip allows you to get super close to the lashline! Your eyes will just pop!
  • Flexible silicone tip – The edge of the tip acts like a stamp so you can sort of stamp on the prefect flick.

Watch Kandee show you how to use one of our most awesome eyeliner ideas for prom!  We have lots of prom makeup ideas for you , and we really love this one! She says that anyone can make a beautiful eyeliner wing using THEY’RE REAL PUSH-UP GEL EYELINER from Benefit. We love it too, so give it whirl and see what you think!

Here’s kandee! we appreciate this awesome prom makeup tutorial and we know you will too!

Have fun creating this gorgeous winged eyeliner for your prom makeup!

Application-It’s so easy!!

  • Start out the outer corner and stamp your wing, going upward and outward.
  • Using the tip of the pen, work your way into the inner core, as close your lashes as you can get.
  • Tada!!!! Perfect, longlasting, truly black, flawless prom eyeliner!

Really! That’s it! I hope you enjoy all of our eyeliner ideas for prom! Your prom makeup should help you create the look that dreams are made of!

THEY’RE REAL PUSH-UP GEL EYELINER from Benefit is supposed to revolutionize all the winged eyelinerness of the world! It really does make creating a perfect eyeliner  wing crazy easy. You don’t have to be a makeup artist to apply your beautiful eye makeup for prom. If I can do it, anyone can!

Check out all of our prom makeup tutorials to find your perfect look for your amazing night! You will be the belle of the ball! Have a magical time!

Remember, it’s your inner beauty that really shines! Let your heart be filled with kindness and your words fill with love. You will make life so much better for those around you! Not only that, you will make life better for yourself! Smile and radiate that beautiful spirit and love your life!

Happy beautiful life!



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