Eyeliner Ideas

Eyeliner Ideas

eyeliner ideasAre you looking for some new eyeliner ideas to bring out your inner goddess, making you look fierce and fabulous? Gorgeous, eye framing ideas to draw attention to your beautiful eyes, the windows to your soul? I am always on the lookout for fresh and exciting makeup ideas that I can share with you, my favorite beauty babes. You asked, and your wish is my command.

Before trying out your new eyeliner ideas, you will want to cleanse and moisturize your face and eye area. Dry skin can be rough and flaky, and if you have any fine lines, they may be accentuated. It’s a great idea to moisturize morning and night, and to drink plenty of water to keep skin moist and dewy.

After moisturizing, apply your favorite eye primer to give your eyeliner ideas something to hold on to so they don’t go slipping down your face as you go through your day, or as you dance the night away. A good primer will help your beautiful makeup look stay on for hours, with only a minimal touch up as needed.

 Choose your favorite concealer and gently apply it to cover your eyelids and the area beneath your eyes, creating a flawless foundation for your new eyeliner ideas. This will create a clean and bare canvass for your artistry!

Two Great New Eyeliner Ideas With a Pop of Color

1.Add a colored eyeshadow to the inner rims

This is an easy way to add a new pop to your existing simple eyeliner look.

  • Using your fluffy brush, dust a beautiful nude color over entire lid, all the way to the brow.
  • Sweep a soft brown or taupe into the crease, starting about a fingers width from the inner corner, and sweeping outward into a v -shape that extends about halfway beneath the lower lash line.
  • Fill in the outer edges of the v-shape with a slightly darker shadow.
  • Highlight the inner corners, the middle of the upper lid, and the brow bone wit a soft and shimmery light eyeshadow.
  • Use your fluffy brush to blend the entire eye area to a soft, pretty look.
  • Dip your angle brush into a soft light green, purple, or blue, according to your eye color and preferences. Apply to the outer rims of your inner eye area, top ad bottom to create an amazing pop of color.


If you are good at liquid liner, line the outer two thirds of your upper eyelid, ending with a simple upward wing. The shadows you have already applied will be perfect for the lower lid.

Or you can use your favorite gel liner in the same pattern and top with a black powder shadow, using your angle brush. The eyeshadow will help seal the eyeliner for a long lasting finish.

2.Neon Over Black

Ok beauties! Here is a funky, eye popping idea that will really make a bold, yet fun, statement. Choose a color that really flatters and accents your eye color. It’s time to let your own beautiful eye color take center stage when you rock this one of your new eyeliner ideas!

You will want to keep your eyeshadow to a minimal, bare naked look.

  • Dust a beautiful, slightly shimmery light nude color all over lid and brow bone, dabbing into the inner corners and just below,to create a bit of glowing shimmer.
  • Sweep a light, natural taupe into the crease and blend into the outer half of the upper lid to add a little depth to this eyeliner ideas look.


  • Take a white eyeliner crayon and draw a thick wing, starting at the inner corner of the upper lid, and winging outward and slightly upward, well below but even with the end of the eyebrow.
  • Using your neon colored eyeshadow gel, cover the white line with the neon color. You can steady your hand by resting your elbow on the table and resting your fingers against your cheekbone.
  • Take your black liquid eyeliner and fill in a line just above the lashes, covering half of the neon line so that you have lashes, a winged black line, and then winged neon line. Touch up any mishaps with a Q tip and some concealer. This one takes some practice, but it is a fun look for certain special occasions, or any occasion for that matter! Express yourself!!!

Go for some new eyeliner ideas and show off your gorgeous glam with a bold pop of color!

Happy beautiful life!!!






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