Eyeliner Styles

Eyeliner Styles

eyeliner stylesHey guys, want to check out some great eyeliner styles? I am always happy for someone to come along and make my life a little easier by doing some research on something I need or want to do, and then telling or showing me how it’s done. I have a great friend who researches every decision to the max before she decides what to do. So if I need a realtor, a painter, a doctor,  lawyer, or anything else that is important and that I would only use the very best, I just call her. I trust her and I know that she has exhausted every possible angle for a long time. She is a wealth of information for me and I count on her input. It is our hope here that we can become your trusted source on all things beauty – body, mind, and spirit. We care about you and hope to help you have a beautiful life!

So a ton of you beauty babes have been asking for help on eyeliner styles. Man, that is a loaded question, because it turns out that the options a quite endless! For that reason, we have decided to dedicate many articles and tutorials to the whole eyeliner category, because there is far too much to cover in one post. Eyeliner has been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians, so, wow. Can you imagine all of the transitions that have occurred in eyeliner styles through thousands of years? Most people will conjure up an image of Cleopatra when thinking of ancient people wearing eyeliner. Actually, she lived just before Jesus Christ was born, a little over two thousand years ago. I just read up on her, and it turns out she was more known for her brilliance than her beauty. Go read about her. It’s pretty fascinating!

The ancient Egyptians began eyeliner styles around twelve thousand years ago! Long before the time of Cleopatra, eyeliner was used by the aristocrats as a sign of beauty and power, as well as protection of their skin from the damage of the environment. Beauty is not a new idea, nor the idea that makeup can enhance that beauty.

Eyeliner can certainly define your alluring eyes, and can help make the most of that most precious asset of human communication. Eyeliner styles can set the stage for the look of the day, according to your schedule, your responsibilities, and your general feel for the day. You have many options and today we will talk about my current two favorites. They are my favorites because I am always short on mirror time and these two eyeliner styles allow me to have either a natural look, or a more defined or even smoky eye look, that are both quick and easy. Fear not, we have many articles and tutorials on the all-important eyeliner. You’re in good hands!

Eyeliner Styles

Top Two Easy Eyeliner Styles


Why we love it

  • Very natural eyeliner style
  • Enhances and defines your eyes
  • Makes lashes look thicker
  • Makes eyes look bigger

How to Apply

  • Dark eyeliner pencil or gel liner
  • Apply from below the lash line, as much into the lash line as can get
  • Start at the outside corner and work toward inner corner
  • Fill in to desired depth and thickness
  • Apply a very thin line to the water line of the lower lashes for a more dramatic look.

How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

  • Use a white eyeliner pencil to line the lower lash waterline instead of the dark color

Smudged Wrap Around

Why we love it

  • It is an easy way to get a more defined, full eyeliner style
  • Even beginners or those in a hurry can pull this off pretty quickly
  • Very pretty, sexy look

How to apply

  • Use your eyeliner pencil
  • Scribble a line along your upper lashes from the inner corner outward
  • Draw a thin line along the rim of your lower lashes from the inner corner outward
  • Meet the two lines in a v shape at the outer edge of the outer corner of your eye
  • Using your angle brush, smudge the lines to achieve your favorite smudged eyeliner style look
  • If desired, set the look by dabbing your angle brush in eyeshadow power and go over the pencil

There you have it my favorite beauty babes! Pop on that eyeliner and go live a great day! Make it a great one and remember to choose joy!

Happy beautiful life!!!




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