eyelinerThe ancient Egyptians were onto something with the invention of eyeliner, weren’t they? Men and women of high position began define their eyes with eyeliner, both as a status symbol, and as a way to protect their skin from developing wrinkles from the harsh sun and environment. Most of us have seen images of the ancient kings and queens, with their highly defined eyes. This look has been loved through the ages, and wildly embraced by the females of the world who long to enhance the beauty of the windows to the soul.

Alluring might be a good word for eyeliner. A beautifully lined eye draws the attention to this most expressive feature. The eyes can speak the unspoken. There is an uncanniness to all that can be said just through the expression of the eyes. Are you trying some of them out right now? I am, haha. I wonder what the people around me are thinking. Hmm…let me look into their eyes. Yep! They think I’m a bit crazy! Hey it’s just research guys!

Truly though, eye contact is a huge part of the communication process, and it’s one of the main tools we use to get our point across. Just think of the impact of a friendly little wink! Or a flirtatious cutting of the eyes. Or the narrowing that can mean this is serious, or that you are thinking hard. What about that special twinkle that tells someone they are the apple of your eye? Yep. The eyes have it. Turns out that defining the eyes with eyeliner was a brilliant move by those ancient people.

Eyeliner can be done in a million different ways, from almost naked to crazy looks. It takes time and practice to get really good at some of the eyeliner makeup looks, but with patience and practice, you will be able to pull off many different looks. With the right products and a steady hand, you can do anything!

Perfect Eyeliner

Of course you want perfect eyeliner!  But guys, we live in an imperfect world, and you just need to be ok with that. You can get close to perfect eyeliner by following the techniques in our many eyeliner articles and tutorials. Remember that it is the overall effect that counts, and that you will get better and better with practice. No one else will be looking at you as critically as you look at yourself. They are too busy wasting time worrying about their own little imperfections. Maybe we can start a movement that imperfection is beautiful. It truly is! What do you think?

How to Apply Eyeliner

You have endless options of how to apply your eyeliner. Endless. Look at pictures of eyeliner looks that you love. One tip – be certain that the girl in the picture has a similar eye shape to yours, and you will likely have more success. You can create a beautiful cat eye or a simple wing. You can line just the upper lid, or only the outer third of the upper lid. You can create a v shape, meant the lower lid to the upper, and drawing the v as far as you would like. Thin line, thick line. Liquid, pencil, gel, or powder. We can help you with all of it right here. Just look around!

Eyeliner Styles

Again, you have endless options here, which a big part of why makeup is so much fun! Make up your own looks, or watch tutorials, look in magazines, look at other people, and decide what looks appeal to you and would flatter you. Maybe you are a more natural girl, and would like a tightly lined upper lid, just give some definition. Maybe you like a sexy, sultry look. You might go with a smoky cat eye or a thick winged look. Getting married? Maybe you would like a romantic, slightly winged but softly blended look. Want a day to evening look? Create the shape you want with a pencil for day, and then go over and exaggerate it in the evening with a liquid or dark powder liner. Really, any eyeliner look that you like is perfectly acceptable. You define your eyes according to your own personality!

How To Do Eyeliner

One of the questions our readers ask the most is how to do eyeliner. You have asked and we have listened! We are creating a whole section on all of the ways you can do eyeliner, what tools you need, actually how to apply, and even some video tutorials. All for you, our favorite readers!

Eyeliner Ideas

There are so many! You really can do anything you like! Here are a few of our favorites.

  • The Natural Look
  • V-Shaped
  • Cat Eye
  • Winged
  • Fully lined – all the way around
  • Thick and Bold
  • Alluring and Sultry
  • Ancient Greece up slant
  • The Smoky Eye
  • Smudged
  • Colored Eyeliner

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

The hardest of all of the eyeliner looks, as least for me, is the dreaded liquid eyeliner! Today, we will just do the basic, easiest version, and we will soon go from there.

  • First of all, be confident.:)
  • Choose a matte formula for ease of application.
  • Run the brush along your hand to control the amount of product on your brush
  • Lift your eyelid slightly with your free hand to create a tighter lid
  • Draw small dots from the center of your lash line outward, in what ever shape you desire
  • Paint in short strokes inward to you tear ducts, but don’t add any liner to your brush
  • Draw a thin line to connect the dots
  • Clean up any messy places with a q tip

You did it!!!! That would be a big win for me for sure!!

Simple Eyeliner

Simple is always my favorite! Like you, I am a busy girl with limited mirror time. At least that is my lame excuse for going the easy, basic route most of the time. But, hey, I want to feel pretty too! Voila! Simple eyeliner to the rescue. For me, simple also means quick, so here is a quick method to get a beautiful, simple eyeliner look.

  • Use a pencil or gel liner
  • Brace your elbow on the table and your pinky finger on your cheekbone to steady your hand
  • Start at the center of your lash line and draw an outward and slightly upward line. Remember to keep it nice and simple
  • Start at the same point and draw a thin line to your tear ducts
  • If you would like, thinly line your bottom lid, just from the center outward
  • Top with a thin line of dark eyeshadow
  • Set with a little loose powder and you are good to go!

Eyeliner for Waterline

Ok. Water lining is a really big step for me! It adds glam and sultriness, all in one simple swipe.

  • Use white, brown, black, you name it
  • Just line that watery line inside of your lower lashes, and you will suddenly be drop dead. No really. You can give that drop dead look. No really, it’s steps things up quite a bit for very little trouble. So go for it!


Eyeliner Tutorial

Kandee Johnson has given us tons of awesome eyeliner tutorials to share with y’all because she is awesome!! Here is on to get you started!

Well, I may go out on a limb and try something a little fancier than my usual simple and basic eyeliner look. What about you?  After all, my friends may be rendered speechless for once haha! Enjoy your day!

Happy beautiful life!!!!



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