Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

glitter eye makeup tutorial, kandee johnsonHey Beauties! If you are looking for your holiday makeup look, we have the most beautiful glitter eye makeup tutorial for your amazing glitter eye makeup look! You will sparkle and shine like the twinkling lights on your Christmas tree, or the gorgeous diamonds on the sunlit snow. The light in your eyes will shine love and joy as they take center stage in this beautiful glitter eye makeup idea. This fun, pretty party look will be the icing on top of beautiful you!

We have a gorgeous glitter eye makeup tutorial from Kandee Johnson that will have you ready and out the door as easy as can be! Your will be glam and gorgeous for your fun night out! Sparkles and love everywhere!

Below Kandee Johnson’s makeup tutorial, you will find a list of everything you need to create this glitter eyeshadow look, and written instructions to help you remember what to do in case you need them:) Thanks to the talented Kandee for putting this awesome eyeshadow tutorial on her YouTube channel so that we can learn her ways!


Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

Things You Will Need and Application Tips:


  • Any kind of product you have that will help the glitter sick to your eyelids. Mac paint pot, or a Gold Shimmer crayon.
  • Apply all over you eyelids and up into the crease of your eyes so that your glitter eyeshadow will have a great base to begin with.


  • A pearly, light neutral eyeshadow color
  • With your fluffy eyeshadow brush, sweep beneath your brow bone to create a pretty highlight.
  • A golden bronze eyeshadow color
  • Using your fluffy eyeshadow makeup brush, apply the bronze eyeshadow color into the crease of your eyes and blend up onto the brow bone.
  • Two darker colors from your eyeshadow palette. Kandee uses the Naked Palette which we love as well.
  • Apply to the crease and just above, but not to the lid so that you add some dimension to the area just above the eye.
  • Apply some loose powder beneath your eye to catch any loose glitter to be easy swept away.
  • Eyelash glue, and comestic grade glitter, Kandee uses Urban Decay’s Tattoo glitter. Be sure to use cosmetic grade glitter and not regular crafting glitter.
  • Apply the eyelash glue all over the lid and up into the crease, staying away from the lash line and your eyes.
  • Dip your fluffy eyeshadow brush into the glitter, close your eye, and pat the glitter down on top of the glue.
  • Cover the entire lid from inner corner to the outer edge with the glitter to create your beautiful


  • Black Eyeliner
  • Line your waterline, top and bottom with a black eyeliner pencil.
  • Black liquid liner, Gel, or Pen – whichever type of liquid eyeliner you prefer to use will be fine.
  • Line upper lid and create a perfect winged eyeliner.
  • Black eyeshadow color and angled eyeshadow brush.
  • Go over your winged eyeliner to set it.
  • Go over that with your bronze color to soften that line.


  • Add black mascara and false lashes if you wish!


  • Add glitter lip tattoos (video tutorial on how to apply)
  • Or a beautiful nude or light pink lip
  • Or a glamorous red lip

Your eyes will sparkle like your beautiful heart, and your lips will be perfect for that moment underneath the mistletoe, or the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve!

Sparkle away!

Happy beautiful life!


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