Good Morning Beautiful

Good Morning Beautiful

good morning beautifulGood morning beautiful! Are you ready to see what great things this day holds for you? Are you excited about jumping out of bed, eating your healthy breakfast, getting your glam on, and heading out (or staying in) for a great and fulfilling day? Did you clock in your eight hours of refreshing sleep, after meticulously cleaning your face before relaxing with a good book? Did you wake up with a smile on your face and a kind word for everyone who crossed your path on your way to the bathroom? Did you sing in the shower and jump of joy as you skipped down the hall to have your first cup of coffee for the day?

Haha! Never fear! Most of us are not a Disney princess who can talk to the animals and be bright and happy all of the time. Too bad – because that would make life better and more fun for everyone involved! But alas, we are mere humans, with real live human emotions, feelings, and challenges. Sometimes we don’t get enough sleep and sometimes we don’t feel like skipping down the hall (though honestly, that would make us feel better). Sometimes life throws us some tough challenges that make us sad, or worried, or mad. No matter how much we try to keep control over our lives, the truth is, the only thing we can truly control is ourselves.

Once we accept that fact, we can begin to find peace and joy in letting go of the things that are beyond our control. Letting go. Let that sink in. We tend to gloss over those words because we really don’t want to have no control of everything about our lives. That seems scary and anxiety-filled.

Trust me on this. Letting go of those things is part of the path to true happiness and feeling like skipping down the hall for your morning cuppa joe. ”Good morning beautiful” will easily cross your lips as you encounter others – even before you’ve had your first sip. Well, maybe your first sip of your second cup! 😉 Let’s keep it real!

The great news is that we can always become better versions of ourselves and work on improving our lives and the lives of those around us. It doesn’t all have to happen at one time. Baby steps are good, and they will lead to great big grown-up steps, which will lead to better things. All of this because of a firm decision to let go of the thing that you can’t change and giving yourself permission to be the best you that you can.

Life’s ups and downs can take a toll on our bodies, our minds, our health, and our spirits. Stress is dominant in our culture and is at the root of most diseases, both physical and mental, that are rampant in our world. You need to eliminate stress from your life! So, let’s work together and put up some blocks and detours, so stress can no longer find its way to destroying our well being! Let’s look at some great strategies to eliminate stress and anxiety for a happier you.

Top 5 Ways to Eliminate Stress for a Happier You


Sleep is one of your body’s most important jobs. Really. If you are sleeping for 7 to 9 hours every night, you are accomplishing great and mighty things. Your body requires uninterrupted sleep in order to repair itself in every way. Sleeping beauty LINK has a lot to say about all of these reasons for sleep, so go read about her if you want to know exactly what great sleep does for your happy outlook. Don’t skimp on sleep and you will see great benefits to your health – body, mind, and spirit.

Realistic To-Do List

This is some kind of craziness, right? Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Don’t expect too much of yourself. Really. Eliminating the things that don’t really really REALLY have to be done today, and instead doing a few things well, will take so much pressure off your shoulders. You will feel such a relief. That pressure in your chest will make way for a deep breath. Which brings us to number 3.


Yoga, prayer, reflection. Be still. Focusing on the here and now for at least 40 minutes a day will actually change your brain, eliminating the stress response. Read a!ll about it in the article Yoga Simple Practice. Once you start, you will notice amazing changes and will want to continue for the restive your life.

Eat Right and Exercise

Guys, it’s scientifically proven that great nutrition and regular exercise will make your life better in more ways than I can list in this article. We have great information on these subjects with new content added every single day, so go read our many articles on fitness, nutrition and well-being. We make it easy for you to implement more good things into your life. We want to to have a beautiful life!

Love More

That’s one that will change  your outlook about everything! Simply love more. Remember that when people fail you, it is a result of their own human frailty. We are all just trying to make it in this world, and love is the key. Love, love , love, and then love some more. Love will change your heart and help change the hearts of those around you.

Good morning beautiful! You have the power to make it a great day!

Happy beautiful life!


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